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The Greatest Pet Of Mine!

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Okay, well here’s my story
It may seem kind of boring
But when I was turning three
I got my first pet, you see
It was a boy named Tiger
He had grey, white and black fur
He was the greatest cat ever
I know I’ll love him forever
I’ve had him for twelve years
I’ve got to hold back my tears
It don’t seem sad to you, of course
Think like if you had a pet horse
Over holidays you shared and birthdays too
They are one of the things you don’t want to lose
You live with them long enough
Good times to the rough
They became part of your family long ago
You taught them everything they know
I wasn’t even there to say goodbye
I wish we would have more years before he died
It’s like losing a family member
He died 2011, the 12th of November
I wish I would have had just two more years
Before the day I regret came here
I wish I could turn back time
Tell him that he was the greatest pet of mine!
I really don’t want to cry
But why did he have to die?

This post was submitted by Summer.


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He hurt me way to much,
I didn’t like the feel of his touch.
All the stuff he put me through,
I hope it doesn’t happen to you.
Everyday I have a feeling,
That he’s somewhere out there killing.
I wish I never met him,
Because now it’s hard to forget him.
Sometimes I feel the need to cry,
& It feels like im dying inside.
Keeping a smile on my face,
To cover up what he cant erase.
I was always grounded for no reason,
Even during the summer season.
Thinking about it everyday,
Trying to wash the pain away.
Struggling to fight him is like fire and ice,
Doesn’t ever turn out nice.
Making me smoke,
Really burned my throat.
He turned my mom against me,
So she wouldn’t know the true story.
Either way he scared me for life,
It’s like being stabbed by a knife.
I went to church & read the bible,
So I know not to become suicidal.

This post was submitted by Cheyanne & Jennifer.

Without You

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I saw you on line the other day.
You made me smile from miles away.
If I ever lost you,
I wouldn’t know what to do.
Without you, the skies would turn gray,
all the colors would fade away.
Without you, my mind would fill with fears,
my eyes would fill with tears.
Without you, no stars would fill the night,
my days would never be right.
Without you, a piece of my heart would be lost,
in the summer there would be frost.
Without you there would be no tomorrow,
my life would be full of sorrow.
Without you, there would be no fish in the sea.
Without you, there is no me.

This post was submitted by Robert Cravens.


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I love you, you are mine,
You are my butterfly,
I know you love me too,
And my dream is being with you.

You are my butterfly,
I really want to fly,
And please never let me cry,
Now I want your lullaby.

This post was submitted by Aziza.

I Will Always Love You

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You may not even see me
Staring at you there
Longing for your hand
And you don’t even care
When I feel I am alone
Without a friend to talk to
I pick up my phone
And start a message for you
I save it as a Draft
For when I feel that I should send it
My heart’s an empty shaft
Because no one did defend it
It’s been years since I’ve seen you
And I really don’t know why
Whenever I think of you
I always tend to cry.

This post was submitted by Anonymous.

I Feel You

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In a whisper I hear you name.
See your shadow in the moonlight.
I hear your voice on the dawn of rain.
I see your smile in the sun so bright.

I see the twinkle of your eyes on a starry night.
I feel your breath on a summer breeze.
I feel your touch in a floating feather so light.
I hear your laughter in the ruffling leaves.

I see us dancing in the sway of the trees.
In a cloud I see the shape of your embrace.
Your soothing tone in the buzz of bumblebees.
In the river a reflection of your face.

This post was submitted by Angela Neil.

Lost Us Forever

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One Day You Look For Us……Like We Did For Years…
One Day You Cry For Us……..Like We Did Every Day..
One Day You Really Love Us..Like We Did Every Minute..
One Day You Reach For Us….Like We Tried Every Second…


Forever You Lost Our Love……..Like You Lost Us…
Forever You Lost Our Feelings..Like You Never Had…
Forever You Lost Your Kids…….Like You Never Will Hold..
Forever You Banned Yourself…..Like You Did With Us….

Its To Late To Turn Back,The Damage Is Done,
The Hurt Is There.The Time Has Gone

Remember The Love Of Your Kids Was Pure..
You Trow It All Away Like You Never Cared
One Day you Remember This All,But The You Know….

Its To Late To Return,The Damage Is Done
The Dream Is Over,The Story Has End….


This post was submitted by Sandra.

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