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Falling in Love is the best thing in Life..!

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Love is when –
He starts getting serious about his Life,
‘n she stops Thinking about It..

He Starts Saving Money to Spend only for Her,
‘n She never stops Spending on herself..

He Stops Smoking, Drinking just for Her,
‘n She starts Alarming about not to have Them..

He starts Getting Crazy on her Every Move,
‘n She starts Realising how Beautiful is she for Someone..

He starts Telling her every Little Thing,
‘n she starts Talkng about Useless Things..

He stops Sleeping just to have a little talk with her,
‘n she starts Sacrificing her Sleep just to Let Him do so..

He starts Taking her as if she is his wife,
‘n she starts Learning to Cook Food just to Prove it True..

He stops looking at other Girls,
‘n she starts Getting Serious about her Own Looks.

He Gets Emotional while Reading this Text,
‘n she Smiles for the Same.

Faling in Love is the best thing in Life..!

This post was submitted by Akhil Ramesh.

Star Crossed

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We are star crossed. Me and you.
Some things change, others don’t.

Bound by eternty of no time.
Loopholes in our freedom,
but chained to our love.

Star crossed we are, prisoners as well.
Prisoners of our love that we can’t break free.
Maybe we are cursed?

Cursed by having no time, maybe cause of this
love we hold?

This post was submitted by Sarah .

Mummy’s lost angel

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As i lay my head to sleep,
The thought of you i hold and keep,
Close in my heart, your special place,
I try and picture your small face,
You tiny fingers and tiny toes,
Your big eyes and button nose,
But all i hold are thoughts of you,
Your life was taken when you were too,
Small to notice either way,
Those butterflies, those words id say,
I love you my child and forever i will,
When i lost you the pain did kill,
It does not get easier as time goes by,
But i know you are safe now, up there in the sky,
With people that love you as much as i do,
That will tell you each day that i always will and i miss you too,
When i lost you, you were a butterfly in my tummy,
And now your apart of my soul as i am your mummy,
Il never forget you, you’ll always be a part of me,
And one day my sweet together we will be.

This post was submitted by Shannan.

As We Drift Apart

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As we drift apart,
I wonder if I’ll ever see you again,
If I’ll ever hear your voice again
If I’ll live without you.

As we drift apart,
I see you going away from me,
But I’m helpless,
As I stand here,
Unable to move.
I wonder if you’ll think about me,
If you will miss me .
If you leave and not say goodbye.

As we drift apart,
I wonder if we’ll ever meet again,
If you see me,well you pass me straight?
Will you see me as a friend or an enemy?

As we drift apart,
Always know that I’ll be here,
I’ll be your shoulder to cry on,
I’ll fight for you even if you hate me,
I’ll pick up your shattered heart and mend it,
I’ll be your friend who will stand by your side,
Even if you’re forgotten me.
I’ll be your friend who stayed loyal to you.

This post was submitted by Immoveable123.

Forever and Always

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Darling’ I am so in love
that my heart aches
and when I see your face
I tremble with such passion
Yet I feel the coldness
for you do not come near me anymore
I have fallen
I have lost my dignity
I stand with my hand on the cold cold iron
Do I risk it all?
I want to take you in my arms and hold you forever
But you are gone now, never to be seen again !
I will love you forever and always
Till the end of time .

This post was submitted by Mary Roy.

Broken Love

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Back to square one, where you seem to be confused about your heart

The heart that you gave to me from the very start

Having the thought in my mind of us drifting apart

Couldn’t tell if this love is going to be back on chart

I woke up this morning knowing that you wasn’t next to me

Well at least the love that made us “meant to be”

Baby I’m sorry that i couldn’t see

That you was in this for only me

I think about you everyday and even every second of the day

All i could ever say

I’m sorry and I’m in love with you babe

I’m hating and hurting to see us like this

A broken love that I’m trying hard to fix

This post was submitted by Ashley Rivera.


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i guess now i know why it hurt,
like crystals my heart is broken,
tears flowing down my eyes,
enough said
but not enough to console me,
my friend left,
swinging above the clouds,
he’s gone to a better place,
better than where we are,
but it doesn’t feel the same,
my life is shattered,
another stream of my unending tears.

Rest in Peace buddy…..

This post was submitted by Christine Wangari.

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