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Everybody has it
But only a few make use of it
It is as little as a mustard seed
But it grows into a giant tree
It is the voice inside of you
That urges you to do things
That are difficult
Even when others quit.

This post was submitted by Christabel.

Undying love

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When i looked into the eyes of my love
i asked him just one thing;
after this all, will you still love me the same?

he sighed and i waited in fear of his reply
he turned his head and asked me “why?”

“Why would you think my love would change?
How could i ever look at you with shame?
You’re the woman i fell in love with
and the girl whose mine alone,
there’s no way i could have anyone else,
your my world, my life, my home.”

I let my head fall so i could hide the tears,
the thought of someone loving me
for all my coming years…

i felt a hand come under my chin,
as he tilted my head up to him
i saw in his eyes what i hoped to see
just a man standing there loving me…

This post was submitted by Kristen.

My Sweet Surrender

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In a long and old, forgotten feeling
comes the point of no return
Don’t want to dig that nonsense thing,
Just make it pass and let it burn.

You shackled my feet and deceived me once,
Made- believe for the spark and zest
of wild romance
Blinded by the light of my sweet ignorance;
Dumb, as I was the victim,
of your hell-like importance

Now, i’m awaken, I can be that fool no more
I’ll set fire to the rain and curse your
life for sure
I believe the stream of pain will surely go away
And without you by my side,
I can see a better day.

This post was submitted by eugene.

Perfect Stranger

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I was in pain when he came,
Still have that feeling of shame,
Completely lost and broken,
Affected by the truth that I was mistaken.

He was more of a stranger,
Never thought he’d be my lover,
He’s sweet and responsible,
Extraordinary and noble.

With his words I feel grateful,
Because he made my life more meaningful,
He definitely unchained my heart,
From all the miseries I had in my past.

He picked me up when i’m down,
With his jokes I no longer have reasons to frown,
He took away my sadness,
And taught me the true meaning of happiness.

He’s dandy and loving,
Thoughtful and very caring,
He’s nifty but different,
With him I feel so content.

He makes my day worth while,
Because he never failed to make me smile,
He’s little bit youngish,
Sometimes he’s problematic but I never heard him spoke in anguish.

I always believe in fidelity,
Because in every relationship its necessary,
I know in my heart that were meant to be,
Simply its what we call destiny.

This post was submitted by Joanne Oguis.

I Miss The Person

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i didnt fall in love with you
i fell in love with the person you portrayed yourself as
the nice guy who said he was different from the rest
the one that could never love anohter the way you loved me
the one who said ill be there to wipe away all your tears
when in reality you were just on of the rest
so i dont miss you i miss the person i thought you were .

This post was submitted by cindy .

You Are My World

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Days are longer now you’re not around
Silence is deafening without your sound
Your fragrance has vanished from the air
Our furnished home may as well be bare
The dream car stands still on the drive
While friends ask me if you’re still alive
Photographs are a painful memory
Of how our love used to be
So please come back into my life
Help cast away our trouble and strife
I’ve got so much more to give
But only you can give me reason to live
For you are my world this is true
Can I still be the one for you?

This post was submitted by ROBERT HARRIS.

End So Fast

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Never thought it would end so fast.
Why can’t we last.
My heart is racing.
My feet are pacing.

Why does it have to end like this.
you I will always miss.
I wish you knew what I feel.
If you go I’m afraid this pain wont heal.

The pain is rising.
The fear is here.
I ask myself.
Why me.

I will always love you.
Why can’t you feel it to.
The pain is deep.
its hard to rise to my feet.

I want us to be together.
I want it to be me and you forever.

This post was submitted by brandi elswick.

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