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Dad what happened?

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I want you back with me.
But you just had to leave.
I went trough so much pain.
and suffer.

When you left me I felt like it was because of me.
We lost our special bond that day.
And i wonder if you even careed for me.

Dad, listen to me.
I wanted you in my life,
not the pain and scars.
If you were here i wouldnt have these wounds,
upon my wrist.

So please Dad, just leave me.
Before i finish the dead.

This post was submitted by A.


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If when you awake in the morning
And the pain is still so great
You don’t even want to get out of bed
And face this evil world filled of hate
When it feels like everything in life goes wrong
And nothing you do is ever good enough or right
All you want to do is give up on it all
Just try harder and you will eventually see the light
You must strive to achieve greatness
To show everyone that you will win
Remembering every person who has put you down
And tries constantly to fill your would with pain
For every disappointment and times you’ve been let down
There will always be better moments and life will turn around
Everyone goes thru heartache and even feels pain
But only those who have true courage get up to try Again.

This post was submitted by megan.

My Wish

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In the dark
My heart sparked
for it was cold
self pity was getting old
how she found me I do not know
but my love for her surely does grow
not knowing where the venture will be
all i hope it’s for eternity.

This post was submitted by Rebecca Wentland.


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Lay it on the line…
Don’t you think it’s time;
Move that pen ….
write deep from within;
the poets in there….
write from despair….
Only you know how your feeling…..
write its unreavling.

This post was submitted by Rebecca Wentland.

Butterfly Kisses

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Two Hearts
Four Wings
As they fly listen to them sing,
making the soul Mine
Two Lips
one Kiss
Heavenly colors of Bliss
Butterfly kisses
come melt my heart
you had me from the very start
The soul is one
The beauty between
Come Fly with me through Eternity
Butterfly kisses
That’s you and me
Colors of joy
making history
Butterfly kisses
Down memory lane
Butterfly Kisses
will always remain.

This post was submitted by Rebecca Wentland.

I Dream

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I dream of you and wonder where you are.
I bet you are a shining star.

I sit and think of you every day,
Oh how I wished you could have stayed.

Now you are gone and out of your pain.
For me it was a loss, but for you a gain.

I hope to see you in Heaven someday.
And in your arms I will lay.

This post was submitted by Jenifer Thurston.

Thanks To You

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I have tears in my eyes.
I have pain in my heart.
I have sorrow in my soul.
I have feelings that you didn’t care to destroy.
But am still here, just waiting for whats next.
I have faith that you’ll feel sorry for what you’ve done.
But I don’t wish you something bad to happen to you.

Because I know that am a better person and can do better than you.

I just wish you that you have a happy ending,

because I know that I will.

Because you’ve made me stronger and for that,

I thank you.

This post was submitted by yari.

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