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Eyes of Deceit

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They see the world as it may be
Whether it be Love or Hate
Fear or Happiness
Tragedy or Triumph
Everyday Possibilities for the Hopeless
But what they don’t see is
Who they really are
Liars and Thieves
Two-faced and Bullheaded
Scarce and Suspicious
Everyday Joys turn to Dilemmas
Looking for Comfort and Words of Wisdom
Everything Changes
When Looking into the Eyes of Deceit.

This post was submitted by christelvanover.

Why Don’t You Care?

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Why don’t you care that I’m so sad,
You don’t even ask me why,
I try to sit down and talk to you,
But you don’t even try.

I thought I had a friend in you,
But I guess I was wrong,
I feel like an empty space,
And just don’t even belong.

I cry myself to sleep at night,
And wonder what I can do,
I don’t want to believe it’s over,
But I know it’s really true.

I guess I need to find someone else,
That really could care about me,
So now it’s time for me to go,
And then you can be free!

This post was submitted by Debbie Bongiovanni.

Thwarted Dream

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I saw her once and wished to see her again
But she disappeared sadly in rain
My poor cheeks got bathed in tears
Because my pleading cries could not reach her ears
She was gone never to reapper never to return
I wept bitterly and cursed the day of my birth in return
The next day her death was the breaking news,she killed herself
Leaving rhetorical questions to myself

This post was submitted by Pius Oneya.


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I learn to love
And its because of you
I smile and cry
For you I’d try to fly
And faced the world
Feels like there’s nothing
on me to hide

You taught me everything,
Everything when I was nothing
And if I would have one thing to say,
Just be with me, and forever

This post was submitted by Jamaica Estrada.

Why Am I So Alone………

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Why am I so alone?

When I hear you as a far strong melody

Life so beautiful in your presence

I feel secure in your memories

Pleasantly enjoying the moment

Fears and mere ghostly fears

Afraid of the present

Sinking close into oblivion

Halting, pausing moments

Makes me glad everything you do

I dip myself alone

Actions you do depress

Still, with love I seek

Moments next with me,

Awaiting anxious to share

Sweet moment’s sweet memories

Here and there after.

This post was submitted by Vinutha HM.

Why Is It So Hard To Say Goodbye?

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Why are goodbyes,
So hard to say?
When we always leave,
When we never stay?

When we hide our tears,
And douse our fears?
When we open our hearts,
And open our ears?

When we mess up our hair,
And we sit down and stare?
It’s just so darn simple,
It’s the fact that we care.

This post was submitted by Christopher T. Stafford.

Angel Sister

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Time goes by so very fast,
When your heart aches every day,
I can’t believe a year has past,
And your are far away.

I loved you than,
And I love you now,
I long to see your happy smile,
And hear your voice so low.

I look at pictures in my book,
And every time I cry,
I hope someday that I can look’
And be happy deep inside.

You were a great mother,
And a great sister too,
I will love you forever,
And I’ll always be with you.

This post was submitted by Reta Kuhn.

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