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As I look out the window
I envy the sun’s bright glow
The sky so clear and blue
The color painted in me too

The cloud puffy and white
The sky almost lost in sight
It’s like a shadow
That covers ones sorrow

The sun’s shine is blocked
It’s rays forcing out
I want to be free
from feeling this empty

The gentle breeze softly blows
The trees sway as it follows
My hope is blown away
It fades from day to day

The birds gracefully glide in the sky
Together they land and then they fly
It was me and my friends through thick and thin
It seems it’s just me left here in the dim

It is a beautiful day
I should be merry and gay
I hope the clouds would pour rain
It matches more to this pain.

This post was submitted by madeline.

I feel like a caged bird

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I feel like a caged bird waiting to be freed
Living in a world where people are not what they seem
Not knowing not caring what to do anymore just lonely
And all that I have is a book in my hand
Nothing else I hold so dear
Just wishing you would be near
If only for a little bit only for a while
Then what you might see is my smile.

This post was submitted by punk rocker chic.

Can you see the sadness behind my eyes?

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I wonder can you see the sadness behind my eyes?
When you see my smile, do you know what I hide behind it?
When you hear me laugh, do you know what I’m really thinking?
When you hear me sing, do you really hear the meaning?
When I touch you, can you feel my pain?
I wonder can you see the sadness behind my eyes?
If you ask me if I’m ok, and I say I’m fine, is that the truth?
If you ask me what I’m doing, and I say nothing do you accept that?
If you ask me if I want to talk, and I say no, do you pursue?
If you see me cry, do you just walk on by?
I wonder can you see the sadness behind my eyes?
Have you been in a crowded room, but felt like you were alone?
Have you ever felt like a puzzle with missing pieces?
Have you always been that shoulder to cry on?
Have you felt so empty, that the darkness takes over?
I wonder can you see the sadness behind my eyes?
Will you take the time to make me smile?
Will you make the time to see me laugh?
Will you sit down with me and sing a song?
Will you hold my hand and heel my pain?
I wonder can you see the sadness behind my eyes?
My eyes tell a story that few will ever read
But if you take the time to read them
Then you will see the sadness
That they hide.

This post was submitted by jeanine.

Thoughts of a Dying man

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As our thoughts are governed by that of the earth,
our spirit does nothing but suffer,
hearts hidden in death and deceit.
Our lips whispering that of his name,
Doing as of his desires.
We are held in his lies, calling him leader –
All our lives we listen to his sweet caressing words,
savoring each taste, longing for more.
We call upon him through lies hate lust and war.
Hardly, noticing the black within our chest,
Slowly eating;
He tempts us not more than our earthly bodies can bare,
promising us wealth glory and more.
So perfect these lies,
Our lives dissipated,
only our souls – aware
Hearts blinded, cheated, betrayed
our souls yearning, screaming, beating
for that which is our rightful King,
The light bringer,
the savior – from our sin.
The Messiah.

Do not be disordered,
tis not Lucifer –
He is not that which his name calls,
But simply a man who rose from the dead.
He by 3 is the rightful answer.

Only he is the one.

This post was submitted by Myrone Moyo.

I am nothing without you

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When I am lost, I know you are there
You never leave me in times of trouble and despair
When I feel lonely and empty you are there to comfort me
People around me don’t know what I feel but you always know all about me
I never regret the time when I know you
Time comes that I forget you
You always touch my heart to go back to you
I am all alone from this moment, but you are there
Waiting for me to reach for you
Thank you for everything you done to my life
For the care and guidance everyday you given to me
I know I am nothing without you
All the things I have right now is nothing without you

This post was submitted by eden mae.


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Happiness on a mountain, my dreams are on another
Making them meet, is like seeing through the eyes of Stevie Wonder
Even if you try a boulder, it’s like a shrug off the shoulder
Here’s a penny for your thoughts, but a hundred dollars wouldn’t matter
My view is that of two mounds of a breast, couldn’t get any better
Through the valley of death, will be my last letter
Slice through an onion and you’ll feel my tears
Even if you shake me with your spears
I quit with no fears

This post was submitted by Dalisu.


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You think you know someone but really you don’t.
You get so close to them and become best friends
After a while you get to see the real them.
You start getting in fights over stuff you never used to.
You start to not talk as much.
You don’t see each other anymore.
When you see them for the first time in a long time you only see a stranger.
A stranger I use to call my best friend.

This post was submitted by Sirona Bohland.

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