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I Don’t Need You

DownUp +21

You didn’t hurt me this time.
I didn’t feel anything when you told me you didn’t want to be with me.
I wasn’t sad.
I wasn’t mad.
I wasn’t upset.
I laughed actually.
because I knew that I didn’t need you to live.
I can live my life without you, I don’t need you. I didn’t know that before, but I do now.
You just made me feel better for a while.
Then I noticed that we just weren’t meant to be.
I sat on my bed and couldn’t believe I wasted my tears on you.
You weren’t worth them.
You just took my loneliness away for a while.
But that came back faster than you took it.
I was stupid for thinking I loved you.
You said everything you ever said to me was true.
But at the end of all this everything was a lie to me.

This post was submitted by Sirona Bohland.


DownUp +14

Why wait for someone
when you have a gut feeling they are not gonna wait for you?
why hold on to something
when you feel that they are going to move on?
well I’m not going to
cos in the end I’m gonna get hurt.
I got my stuff,
but do you have yours?

This post was submitted by Hannah Wilkey.


DownUp +17

Why all of a sudden did you have to change?
Why in the world did you begin acting so strange?
Why did you let things change your mind?
Why was it so easy to leave me behind?
Why have you let go of who you really are ?
Why did you pretend our relationship would go so far?
Why did you make promises to stick by my side?
Why couldn’t we make it thru this last and final ride?
Why did you give up on me, what did I do?
Why did you let another man take my place of being with you?
Why am I so stuck on you, I really don’t know?
Why cant it be so easy for me just to let go?
Why you chose this path is beyond my control?
Why now do I have to rebuild my mind, body, and soul?
Why am I looking back, I guess to say goodbye?
Why I wrote this poem, just to ask why?

This post was submitted by craig weinstein.

Love and life

DownUp +22

Love….. a term constantly over used.
Her heart is a power system hope her boyfriend doesn’t blow a fuse.
These people leave me all amused.
They say they’re all that, but have nothing to lose.
The sky isn’t my limit cause I could touch the moon.
Love is bitter sweet so I put sweet n low inside my spoon.
Excuse my premature maturity.
Her heart is temporarily broken, and she sees the much awaited cure in me.
I’m 14 feeling as if I’m 45.
Cause I notice people go through with life, but never seem to fully come alive.
I could turn a word into a master piece.
Life is a long story so you better take a comfortable seat.
Her heart is my favorite retreat.
Love is bitter sweet like a rotten peach.

This post was submitted by Keenen.

Broken Memory

DownUp +39

All my dreams have
Withered and died.
For this is the truth
I can no longer hide.
I was left with nothing but
The thoughts in my head.
And the painful memories,
Of sorrow and dread.
I hear all the voices form
The mistakes that I’ve made.
All these regrets that
I have long age paid.
Pain dwells where
The eye cannot see.
A broken heart
A broken love
And a broken memory.

This post was submitted by Marissa Sauceda.

The Way I Love You

DownUp +47

Time will always continue.
But not a day passes.
When I don’t think of you.
Your what I live up to.

We talk all the time; everyday.
You’re forever in my mind.
I love You in every possible way.
I love You isn’t nearly enough to say.

You make my heart beat faster.
You make my heart slow down.
Loosing You would be a disaster.
My heart is covered in Your love’s plaster.

You are me, yet I am You.
We make that special one.
Out of the best two.
I honestly will forever love you.
I honestly will forever love you.

This post was submitted by Avian Dickson (Krickett).

Ugly People

DownUp +11

There are millions of people out there with ugly hearts.
They think using and hurting others is play. Other people are only here for their amusement.
But when it ends won’t they be surprised.

There are thousands of good hearted people out there.
Who think loving and caring is the way to go.
Everyone else is the same they think, here to care about others.
But when it ends won’t they be surprised too.

But for now the world keeps on spinning.
Around and around like a bowling ball.
Headed for that last big strike.

By: Bernice (Maria) Crawford.

This post was submitted by Bernice Crawford.

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