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Be who you wanna be, Be yourself

DownUp +8

I am one of those girls that makes fun of them self because its true.
I am one of those girls that dances around there room to music and doesn’t care who sees me.
I am one of those girls that acts totally retarded to make people laugh and it never works.
I am one of those girls that falls and laughs because i cant walk straight.
I am one of those girls that spells wrong and don’t fix it so people have trouble trying to read it.
I am one of those girls that gets made fun of but i don’t care because I know it is true.
I am not ordinary I am extraordinary.
I am not normal i am abnormal.
I am incredible in my own way I am invisible to those who think that I am not.
But you know that no matter how hard you try you can’t break me down.

This post was submitted by Theresa Gilroyed.

Life without you

DownUp +14

Life without you, oh my dear,
Is a long punishment, severe.
With moist eyes and a broken heart,
Every passing moment pricks me like a dart.

Remember those days under the sun,
Life was just joy and fun.
Now that very far away you’ve gone,
Leaving me behind just alone.

Please come back I beg of you,
We’ll start our lives fresh and new.
With as much love as the ocean’s depth,
And continue our story from where we left.

So please come back as the morning dew,
As nothing is left for me in a life without you.

This post was submitted by Dinesh K.


DownUp +24

My little boy came into the world
Quiet and peaceful no cries to be heard
Waiting for the cry was like a thousand years
The silence like thunder in my ears

God came down from above and said
I need this little one in heaven instead
I pleaded with God to take another
But He said I will send him a little brother

His little eyes closed. His hand went tight
I held him and prayed with all my might
That maybe God will change His mind
And give me back this son of mine

I realize now that God was right
And He needed my boy in heaven that night
He is with God and I am at peace
I know he’s surrounded by angels at least

I picture him flying with his wings
I imagine him doing wonderful things
I pray he looks down on me everyday
And blesses his family in every way.

I miss you Noah with all my heart
I will never forget your beating heart
Your tiny hands and tiny feet
Your baby smell, ever so sweet

Together only a very short time
It felt like eternity in my mind
I will never forget you, not now not ever
My love for you will last forever

This post was submitted by Cateirna Romeo.

The Best Time of My Life

DownUp +17

When cool is air and the grass is green,
And water over the lakes is calm and serene.
When your beautiful face rests in my eyes,
That, my girl, is the best time of my life.

The world measures moments in the measures of time,
But with you, oh my dear, they all seem sublime.
As for me you are always above time and space,
Love you unconditionally, whatever the case.

For you, my girl, I have waited so long,
Did all rights and ditched all wrongs.
For God only knows, this moment have I earned?
Those beautiful thoughts and lessons I learned.

So please be with me and make a moment of mine,
Forever together, like the stars in the sky shine.

This post was submitted by Dinesh K.


DownUp +11

I want to find
What I cannot see
Can it really be
Hidden inside of me
I look into the mirror
Only to find
What appears in my mind
Oh how I want you
Show yourself to me
Beauty, oh beauty
Where can you be?

I know where it must hide
Inside my mind
Inside my heart
Inside of me
For the only beauty that
Not all can see
Will be found
Looking inward at me

This post was submitted by kbird96.


DownUp +7

Beauty for me is a gift from nature,
Gifted to everything and every creature.
From the ocean’s depth to the mountain’s peak,
Beauty is everywhere wherever we seek.

Beauty rests within the person’s eye,
Like a flower blooms and a bird flies.
Beauty lies within every creation of God,
Regardless the thing how even or odd.

Nothing in my life is as beautiful as you,
And no one’s gonna love you the way I do.
From deep within my heart to God I thank,
For her love so deep in which I sank.

In love this world seems so fresh and new,
May God create everything in this world as beautiful as you.

This post was submitted by Dinesh K.

The Last Good-Bye

DownUp +33

My heart is sunk and moist is eye,
As nothing is more painful than the last good-bye.
These two words would change my life forever,
As a life without you, I thought never.

Remember that time together we spent,
Like a wind of joy that came and went.
Now we stand at the road’s end,
To choose our path and our lives to mend.

I hope that God will make up for this loss,
And maybe in future our roads will cross.
Till then I thank you for the moments we shared,
And for me, so much, you loved and cared.

Good-Bye to you, oh my soul beloved,
To the good old relationship that we both served.

This post was submitted by Dinesh K.

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