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Don’t no more

DownUp +82

Don’t lay near me – I don’t want to lay with you no more….
Don’t come near me – I don’t want you to hurt me no more….
Don’t speak to me – I have nothing left to say no more….
Don’t be with me – I don’t want to be with you no more….

This post was submitted by Narelle Turkkan.


DownUp +44

Look in my eyes what am I thinking
I know what you did,
I know about her
I know what you said
I connected the dots
I read your thoughts
Read mine what am I thinking?
Get out leave forever
Take her with you
See if I care
And it isn’t unfair
I wasn’t stupid
I opened my eyes now
I’ve learned from this
Love isn’t bliss.

This post was submitted by Cammie.

My Precious

DownUp +33

In the days when I felt really lonely and in fear,
I would sit in my room, looking out my window, to see my star so near.

In the total darkness, she would shine into my room,
filling my heart with the warmth and love that would cause even flowers to bloom.

Tears would immediately start rolling down my eyes,
for if it wasn’t for my star, I would have given up all my tries.

The presence of my star helps in erasing all my fears,
and I just pray that she will always be with me for everlasting years.

Not everyone might be as lucky as me for having a star as valuable as mine,
so I pray to God everyday to keep her safe and happy and to make sure that she is fine.

This star is so precious, she needed a name everyone could hear,
I named a star after you,
I called it my star, my angel, my Abeer.

This post was submitted by Bushra.


DownUp +171

You were the key to my heart
you were the ray of light in the dark
you were everything I needed in life.

It was easy loving you
But it’s hard forgetting you
I don’t remember feeling this empty
Don’t remember you being so angry

I thought we were always going to be together
Thought we were meant to be forever
My heart has been locked once again
Locked into a box just like back then

I couldn’t breathe without you
Couldn’t move without you
Couldn’t see without you
Couldn’t fall asleep without dreaming of you

But it’s time for me to move on
I will no longer be your pawn
Because our love has died,
Just let me say,

This post was submitted by Sara.

The calling of a friend

DownUp +20

When you are falling,
and can’t save yourself
reach for the calling,
the calling of a friend.

When you are crying,
and can’t see an end
reach for the calling,
the calling of a friend.

When your world is ending,
and you can’t repent
reach for the calling,
the calling of a friend.

When you are dying,
don’t try to help
reach for the calling,
the calling of a friend.

This post was submitted by Brittany Smith.

Summer is here

DownUp +70

The sky is so blue,
not a cloud to be seen.
The Earth is a painting
with every shade of green.
The chirping of birds,
as they gracefully fly by,
amidst the golden hue
of the lustrous sky.
The flowers are so fragrant,
the trees are their shield,
for under the scorching heat
a breeze they should feel.
The voices of children,
as they play in the park.
It is a definite sign,
summer has made its mark.

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

All I Do

DownUp +12

I need him like…
the homeless needs a shelter.
I’m feeling him…like
He’s under my skin.
I cherish him like…
I’m so sentimental.
I cry over him like…
he is that important.
I fend for him like…
like he is my responsibility.
This whole poem…is “I”
Pondering at the simple fact like..
what does he do?
That question goes unanswered like…
it’s pleading the 5th.
only if this wasn’t just a poem…
the confirmed fact is that this is a true situation.
so congrats…because i just stated my emancipation

This post was submitted by Sheron J..

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