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Just another way to say I Love You

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Beauty is only skin deep but yours goes on forever
Seeing you, holding you, to be yours is my pleasure,
Your smile lights the sky even making the sun jealous
You had your choice of plenty of guys all overzealous.

Every single guy, we all wanted one thing
But my one thing was different, it was merely a ring,
Your skin is so soft, your lips taste so amazing
The passion we hold is continuously blazing.

I don’t take you for granted you’re the world in my eyes
Every single time I see you, those words I reprise,
You’re a Goddess in the face but that not why I partake
Because things like that don’t make it past the first date.

When you’re sad I hold you, when you’re happy I’m there
You always catch me looking because I cant help but to stare,
Your eyes are like a jungle, I could get lost for years
This poem is to say I Love You and take away all of your fears.

This post was submitted by Nick Mckinley.

End of Pain

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Like every other night this week
I crawl into bed wishing to fall asleep
I feel a pain worse than death
I want to hold my breath
To end my life – to end this pain
I don’t want to be apart of this game
Unable to cry more tears
I hope this means my end is here.

This post was submitted by Kimberly S. B..

Stars In The Sky

DownUp +6

When you look up at the sky
Do you ever wonder when we die,
Would we become stars in the sky?
Every night I go outside,
Looking at the vast starry sky.
Letting the wind blow past,
Wanting this moment to forever last.

Staring up for the brightest,
Knowing that that is the highest.
In the millions up there,
I’ll always see you in the night air.
I know the brightest is you,
Not hesitating to shine through.

When I’m gone too,
I’ll be the one next to you.
I know I won’t be as bright,
But I’ll shine with all my light.

But right now I’ll remember,
I’ll be thinking through and through
No matter what, I’ll always love you.

When you look up at the sky
Do you ever wonder when we die,
That we would become stars in the sky?

-Mia S. (Miki)

This post was submitted by Mia S..

The One

DownUp +7

Nothing at all is going right
Everything is wrong
I try to smile and look all bright
But nothing changes at all
The pain is deep
Below the surface
A thing you cannot see
I try and try to plead out loud
Will someone please help me?
But no one out there will listen
No one at all will heed
So as I weep all by myself
I pray that I’ll die in my sleep
No one that cares
No one that looks
Beyond the shallow pool
And see’s the person inside of me
And there’s nothing I can do
No one that hugs me
And says its ok
But it doesn’t matter because
I know its a lie
Nothing is ok
I will never find ‘the one’.

This post was submitted by Kristen Clarke.

Broken Heart

DownUp +14

I thought it was true
I thought that it was real
I thought that you loved me
I thought that it was true love
But i guess that i was wrong
I guess it was all just words to you
But to me it was a couple of tears
and a broken heart

This post was submitted by morgan cook.


DownUp +21

Friends are one who care for you, love you,
they are the one who share their secrets with you.

Friends are those who cry, when you are crying,
they laugh when you are laughing.

Sometimes they make you angry, sometimes they make you sad,
but don’t want you to get in trouble.

Friends are like diamonds,
who make you feel glow and happy.

They show us the right way,
they love us the most.

May God shower his blessings,
may they live long.

This post was submitted by sanam.

A day!

DownUp +1

When i saw you that day
I wished i could fly
We talked everyday
but now, everything became a lie
it started when you forgot my b-day
and you were always away
you didn’t even try
I don’t know what i have to say
I always have to cry
every night, to the moon and the sky
When you looked at me
something made me feel free
and sometimes, I just didn’t want to see.
Everyone has a chance.now or later
the first time we met ,
I thought we might be forever
Day after day, I couldn’t forget
and that day, it was the best ever
because you were so hard to get.

But everything has changed
and we don’t seem to be together
Now, when you’re gone
I walk this empty street all alone!

This post was submitted by nathalie.

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