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Repost the Sign

DownUp +4

Today marks the day! A significant moment.
A mark in time burned into my soul.
For on this cloudy Spring day came the torrent of anger, distrust and revolt.

She scowled at me stating she didn’t believe
That I was in fact, as my words and my pleas.
She arched at my thoughts and she sighed a relief
As she freely dismissed me, and parted with ease.

For now, even in this quietest of moments
I can hear my heart tear and my soul slowly burn.
Still love her, do I, even in my woeful torment
Her cutting is final; to faith shall I turn.

Lord help this to pass – help me up, help me forward.
Help me put on the facade I’ve perfected.
Let me give up the love once cherished so much
And recover my heart – please protect it.

Ne’er again take a chance! Ne’er again open up!
Only hurt, pain and suffering you’ll see.
You’ve loved twice in your life – the first was cruel the second lost,
And this – the last and final – made three.

Put back up the brick wall and block out all who pass
Post your old sign once again –
“To all people – Alone please leave me!”

This post was submitted by TripleD.

A Walk In The Park

DownUp -3

It’s been a long hard year going through everything.
The emotions, the classes, and the stress…
Disregarding everything I learned,
When finally I get possessed.

I get that feeling that I need to fit in,
And I don’t care who I push down to get there…
Just to seem cool is ‘A Walk In The Park’,
But no one ever looks aware.

The smoking, the drinking, lying and more,
Just hiding it from the world…
Then the word gets out that I’m doing these things,
And suddenly everything is uncurled.

“Why’d you do, when did you start?!”
So many questions I cant reply…
“We don’t know what to do anymore!”
And just with that I want to die.

I never meant to hurt anyone,
I just wanted to fit in…
But what “A Walk In The Park”
Yeah, that’s what I could have been.

This post was submitted by Jenna.

Forgot to remember

DownUp +18

You walked out the door
And leave me
I say its okay
As I turn away
Away from the anger
The disappointment
I need to stop and accept
This is what will be
Day after day
I start to forget
Forget what was said
Its time to just forget
As I walk out this door
And slam it shout
I forgot
And now its time for you
To remember
Remember what you said
Remember what you did
Remember it’s you
In the end
Because I forgot

This post was submitted by krystal chambers.

Love or something like it…

DownUp 0

When you’re not there i think of you,
When i think i want more of you,
When patience is overwhelming and difficult i close my eyes and picture you,
When nothing else works i come and talk to you,
As words come to my lips i tremble,but as your words lightly pour out i feel comforted,
And so, i ask myself why is this?
The heart answers…..”I Love You”

This post was submitted by Mia.

Saying Sorry…

DownUp +144

I expected too much…
From someone who always gave very little.
Then when i realized what i lost…
All i could think about was what i was going to half to do to get it back and what it would cost…
And if what i was willing to give was even enough, to say I’m sorry i messed up.
I make mistakes all the time, but for some reason this one is always on my mind.
If only i could tell you how i feel…
How i can’t sleep at night, because i know when i fall asleep you’ll be in my dreams, it’s like torture.
You use to be the reason i woke up every morning, now you’re the reason i never sleep.

This post was submitted by Sierra Drowns.

Clear As Night, Dark As Day

DownUp +58

Clear as night, dark as day,
still wanting answers, yet here I lay.

Wanting to break free from this place I’m in,
hiding the feelings I have within.

No one understands me, ’cause no one
wants to care,
Sick of hiding behind the smile, i always
seem to wear.

Dark as day, clear as night,
everything’s wrong,
cause nothing’s right.

This post was submitted by Sarah M.

Those in love

DownUp +1

how divine love so tastes like wine
the more you get the more you crave
every minute and every hour shall love devour
the warmth the tender care is loves ware
will those in love want to share or be aware
that all things bright do fear the loss of light
a hand full of sand or a drop of ocean
those in love will better know
how love will flourish and stronger grow
and this that comes from broken heart
for all to know that love can never restart
so those in love its just okay to be in love just for the day

This post was submitted by sayeeda.

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