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3 lil words

DownUp +1

There are three lil words that are hard to say
whenever we’re together the words just float away,
you see i find it difficult to tell you that
its true, this statement is a fact.
i want to tell you so you could know
but i think you see it, because it always show.
your butterfly kisses just make me smile,
and at times i wonder n ask myself why?
why didn’t i say those three lil words…
but now i have the chance to do what I’ve always wanted to do
to say these three lil words are I love you!

This post was submitted by Vanessa Bowman.

Don’t hit me

DownUp +3

And I’m married to a disease that won’t leave us at ease
It’s just a problem left inside my head
If it wasn’t there, you’d be instead.
I go by his word; directing things aimlessly
Doctors told mommy they don’t know what’s wrong
Other kids at school call me a freak
She used to tell me that I just need to be strong
But it’s hard for her to speak since daddy beat her weak
I visit mommy everyday, she always tells me to be strong
Doctors suck the blood from every vein in me,
Daddy beats every breath out of the rest
The voice in my head tells me to believe mommy
And mommy tells me to be brave
Doctors tell daddy I’m worthless
Daddy listens, daddy tells me to shut up
I beg daddy on my knees, don’t let me end up like
Mommy please; daddy doesn’t care, daddy does what
He wants; daddy drove me to somewhere dark;
Then he buried me on top of mommies’ decease

This post was submitted by Sarah Weber.

Angel in Heaven

DownUp +16

Angel in Heaven,
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
If you can,
Please come and help me.

I need you here
I’m scared
You don’t have to do much,
I just need you to be near.
You don’t have to save me,
Just stay close.

I need your comfort,
I need soothing words.
I want to cry to you,
I want you to save me.
But that’s being selfish,
And I just want you near me.

Angel in Heaven,
Did you hear my prayer?
Did you decide already?

Angel in Heaven,
Even though I’m hurt,
I’ll still wait for you.
Even though I’m scared,
I’ll keep holding on.
Even if you don’t come,
I’ll never give up hope.

Angel in Heaven,
Thank you for trying.
Thank you for listening.
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.
But it’s my time to go.
Thank you for my life,
And thank you for being there.

Angel in Heaven,
I have some great news!
I no longer have cuts or bruises,
I no longer have scars.
All I have now are,
A plain white dress,
A beautiful pair of wings,
And a smile on my face.

Angel in Heaven,
You taught me so much.
You gave me my freedom
And you gave me love.
Thank you Angel and everyone else too.
But the one I should really be thankful to,
Is you.

I’m going to help people
Just as you helped me.
I’m going to give hope
To those who need me.

You’ve given me my happiness…

Thank you Angel.

This post was submitted by Mia S..

Online dating

DownUp +4

Our photos we post
with no intention to boast.

You’re thinking she looks fine,
and I am thinking will he be mine?

I can’t help but wonder,
is he a man vain enough to use Rogaine?
Or will he cause me hurt and pain?

And so we begin to exchange words,
and divulge our biggest dream.
When I meet him will I scream?

His printed words are great and
I can hardly wait for him to make a date.

The words become intense
And I begin to feel the suspense.

I begin to wonder what will I wear,
and will we actually become a pair?

Wouldn’t it be awful if he weren’t really there?

All I am searching for is contentment
and for neither of us to feel disappointment
or resentment.

And so, my final line has come to me.
Could it be that the man on my screen will be part of my destiny?

This post was submitted by Sylvia Hoeree.

Boy of mine

DownUp +18

He came to me a miracle
This little boy of mine
Bless me with a boy, I prayed
I knew he’d come in time

But as I carried this child
From month one, through to nine
Something didn’t feel right
And it played on my mind

Physically I’m feeling fine
Emotions not so nice
Maternal instinct spoke to me
My son would come at a price

Overdue with complications
A cesarean was performed
It’s true, I got my boy
At the time, he seemed the ‘norm’

Six months, he cannot speak
Twelve months, he cannot walk
Is this the price I am to pay
In shock, I cannot talk

From one test to another
In hospital every month
Trying to find some answers
And peace of mind for once

Someone please just tell me
What’s wrong with my boy
Give me the diagnosis
Or do I jump for joy

After much research and testing
It’s down to family history
And thanks to my dear father
It’s no longer a mystery

So my son’s disability
Was passed down through the genes
It’s good to finally breathe again
And know what all this means

Hannah-Allan-Herndon syndrome
That’s the name they’ve used
Because it’s in our history
No more am I confused

We can now move on with life
Take one day at a time
Being grateful for a miracle
This little boy of mine.

This post was submitted by Jennine(Delilah).

Another Heart Break

DownUp +6

I am a whisper in the wind,
A breath of sorrow,
Always having to remind,
My heart is hollow.
I still feel for you,
Deep inside,
But you were the one to rip my heart in two,
Our binding love is now untied.
I still remember holding your hand,
Looking into your shimmering eyes,
By my side you said you would always stand.
As we walked down the street,
Our hearts filled with love,
Our gaze would meet.
With hearts in our eyes,
And smiles on our faces,
Our love began to rise and rise.
But after time flew by,
We started to realize,
our love evaporated into the sky.
That day we said our final goodbyes,
Is the reason why,
I am just another girl with a broken heart with deep sadness in her eyes.

This post was submitted by Alicia.

I Long to dance

DownUp +2

I Long to dance

I long to dance on a moonlit night
with an Angel fair with a step so light
to hold her close in my warm embrace
to gaze upon that perfect face.

I long to dance when the sun does rise
To gaze into those dark brown eyes
in silhouette her perfect form
graces my presence in the light of dawn.

I long to dance on a warm summer day
In forest glades where butterflies play
when happiness lives and cares are few
and a kiss from my Angel is a dream come true.

I long to dance on long winters nights
By the light of the fire and soft candle lights
to whisper my love, share my fears
to laugh and cry to savior the years.

I long to dance back into the past
To meet a girl sad and down cast
To offer my heart and my hand to dance
to hold her close to take a chance.

I dream of the dance that never was
I rail against the natural laws
But time is fickle I know its true
Some time I know I’ll dance with you.

This post was submitted by Sam Dalton.

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