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Friends Forever ?

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“friends forever” you promised
“together ’til the the end”
we did everything with each other
you were my best friend

when i was sad you were by my side
when i was scared you felt my fear
you were my best support
if i needed you, you were there

you were the greatest friends
you always knew what to say
you made everything seem better
as long as we had each other
everything would be ok

but somewhere along the line
we slowly came apart
i was here, you were there
it tore a hole in my heart

things were changing
our cheerful music was gone
it was like having salt without pepper
a sun without its moon

suddenly we were miles apart
two different people
with nothing the same
it was if we had never been friends

although we knew deep in our hearts
neither of us was to blame
but that didnt change the hurting
the loss of our friendship made me cry

as we grew older, things must change
but they dont always have to end
even though it was different now,
you will always be my best friend

This post was submitted by Kaitlyn.

Truly madly deeply

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I love the times when you’re around.

You pick me up when i am down.

You always lift my spirit high.

Being with you’s what gets me by..

I remember the nights we stayed up late

talking about our first date.

We knew first hand that this was fate.

This love i felt was something new.

Until you broke my heart in two.

The times you lied I cried inside

wondering what there was to hide.

My heart was yours without a doubt

but now it’s time to change my route.

From day one I was true.

Truly madly deeply in love with you.

My heart was worn upon my sleeve.

I was hooked i could not leave.

Now I’m done I’m gone for good.

Leaving like I knew I should.

Don’t come back I’m begging you please.

It’s time this memory is left to cease.

This post was submitted by Kelsey Patrick.

Stubborn Angel

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The closer this nocturnal journey comes to an end
The more i fear to see the morning sun
How desperately i hope for this moment to be paused
And put it on a bottle then get it tightly closed

You are the sweetest bitter chocolate that ever melted in our mouths
You are the sun rays that comes out on a sky filled with clouds
You are the joy in every tears that continuously fall
You are the only stubborn angel our hearts will ever know

I know that this is inevitable
That life is way beyond our control
But the thought that you’ll go and won’t come back
Is the hardest part that i have to take

These tears flooding my face won’t stop as i touch your face on the glass
Every scene i had with you plays on my mind with the hope it won’t last
But i know this time alot will change
For only my dreams will i see your face

Now everyday would be like a morning without sunshine
A night time without the moon and the stars
A life without your laughter
And a lifetime full of emptiness and tears .

This post was submitted by Rhea Anne Paas-Rance.

Endless Sorrow

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Summertime it comes and goes
wintertime it snows and snows
and oh the wind it blows and blows
so cold
when the rainbow it will unfold
into the sunshine so untold
stand on your own you are so bold
keep on
how the hell can you feel so tall
but in this world we are so small
into the heavens hear its call
to rest
the door is open,open wide
and as a guest you step inside
but in the shadow it will hide
you soul
to lay your head at last to sleep
many secrets painfully you’ll keep
inside the darkness friends will weep
the broken
you feel it now inside your mind
a fear of having eyes so blind
hearing words screamed so unkind
all hated.

This post was submitted by tim boyd.

I’m sorry

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Why do I feel like a useless fool
I end up hurting and being cruel
Barely holding on to my sanity
Struggling to stay with you and me

I’m not what I was and can never find
The thing inside that once was my mind
A silent enemy that is emptiness
A lack of loving so hard to redress

I cannot see an end to the pain
I’ve tried to tell you again and again
It’s lonely and empty inside my head
A working mind that now is dead

I stay to try to be the best I can
I cannot rest in finding the man
He’s gone away a while ago
I’m sorry more than you’ll ever know

I’ve lost our past, our history
Changing the us into you and me
I’m turning your love into hate
You’ll find it easier to placate

Hurting the ones I love the most
Looking for someone who’s now a ghost
I just don’t know where this will end
Unable to heal what cannot mend

I’m sorry !

This post was submitted by Robert.

Heart Break

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I look all around,
You’re gone there’s no sound.
My heart is in solid pain,
You’re no longer mine im going insane.

Here I am on my knees,
Wanting you back begging please.
Being let go you’re the fool,
Baby look at me i need you.

I close my eyes to see your face,
To remember your love your warm embrace.
Can’t you see baby my heart aches,
You left scars causing my heart to break.

This post was submitted by Amanda.

You !

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I see your smile I’m taken back..  
Your features are stunning.. 
Personality isn’t something you lack.. 
I don’t ever wanna go back.. 
This all might turn out bad .. 
I might end up sad ..
But I’m taking’ the chance,
I’m playing this game, 
Got my heart on the line, 
Your making me give it one more try.
I’ll love you tell the end of time,
I’ve said it before, 
but it’s not the same, 
you got a hold on me fur sure, 
no matter what I’ll always be your baby, 
as long as your asking me to stay .

This post was submitted by Leigha Katerine Courtney .

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