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When you were gone
I just shattered …….
Helpless I stood
And it didn’t mattered
My life was a blank
Where I had nothing to write
People fooled me around
And I couldn’t even fight.
I just wanted to……
Hold your hand
And run away to places,
Where only we can stand.
But Life never ….. understood us
And made us go very far .
Where we had our seprate worlds,
But our hearts are still in that jar.

This post was submitted by ash.

Appreciating The Smaller Things in life

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We sometimes think that because we don’t have everything,
Life’s not great,
There will always be times in life that we really enjoy and times we really hate,
We never seem to concentrate on the positive things we have achieved,
Only focusing on the times which we have been upset and deceived.

Too experience a bad life, is too know what its like to have nothing,
To work towards having something,
To dream of having everything.
Having only hope and faith to hold onto,

Us that are comfortable and have every thing we need,
We are full of selfishness and unnecessary greed,
Constantly criticizing the life that we share
We never appreciate the things that are there.

We should pray and say thanks for what we have day to day,
As tomorrow could be the day when these things may be taken away!

This post was submitted by Shaunna Akintunde.

The Darker Side

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I like being awake in the evening night,
When everybody’s sleeping tight
Cause behind my face smiling,
Is a tortured girl, crying

Every night
When the moon’s shining bright,
And silence overflows,
I hide myself as the real me shows

Under my blanket,
I close my eye socket,
As tears fall down,
And I do a great frown

And all I can do is to hug my pillow
But still the tears won’t go
Nothing changes, no matter what I do,
Cause all I need is you…

This post was submitted by Audrey.

Took Away my Heart

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Let me cry.
Let all my feelings die.
I can’t hide behind a smile anymore.
I’ve already opened a door
to a world of pain.
I opened my eyes
to a world of silent screams.
A world that never welcomes dreams.
You promised me my happy ending
when all i’ve been doing is mending
a broken heart.
When you left you took away my heart.

This post was submitted by XxdreamrxX.

Gone Away

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Nights and days have past
he knew she never could last,
but he left her all alone
and now she’s all alone.

Why did he leave her?
he had belief in her.
She felt that she did something wrong
she listened to his favorite song.

She stayed in her bed,
like life was about to end.
He sent her a letter
do you want to know what he said to her?

it said only three words
three tiny words. . .
‘i love you’
and she whispered to herself ‘i love you too’
but then she died from a broken heart.

This post was submitted by Amanda Cunningham.

The Reality of Love

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I was overwhelmed by the reality of it all.
His raspy voice yelling at me in such a way, I’ve never heard before
The intimidation of him was gone.
I was just as irate as he was.
I couldn’t believe that after all we have been through it ends like this
I was frivolous to him and he let me know it.
I crooned myself trying to find a way out of the pain.
But all I found was complete desolation.
I clenched my heart to try to find a way out of this massive black hole.
But the hole just grew larger day after day
I found myself in my room often, just sitting there idly.
My world was becoming iridescent,
colors changing from light shades of reds
and oranges to dark purples and blacks.
All I wanted was him ample amount of love.
Something that I will never have.

This post was submitted by Allie.

Dreams—–wish come true!

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IF I could make a wish,
I would be in your arms,
Every moment,hour and day,
In your presence,your warmth…..

If I could make a wish,
Your lovely eyes,your warm touch,
I want to wake up with you,
Every morning of my life……

If I could make a wish,
I would make you all mine,
Your starry eyes full of dreams,
Makes me come alive…….

If I could Make a wish,
Every time i open my eyes,
All I would like to see is,
Is you the love of my life…

This post was submitted by preeti.

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