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Your Hand In Mine

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Here I’ll stand waiting for your
hand to be in mine but until
that time I’ll just stand by your

Watching your back and making
a path I’ll fight by your side till
the day i die.
Never to tell a lie, and hold my
head up high when you deny
cause there is always next time.

I’ll defend you no matter what.
Even if it sends me to heaven.
Just the thought of your hand
being in mine send me to cloud

Baby I’m hoping that you will be mine
But until that day that your hand
is in mine, I’ll just stand by your side.

This post was submitted by KKosh9.

What if?

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Sometimes I ask myself
What if we had never met?
What if you had not looked my way
And sparked a rush of something
I could not identify just then?
What if time had not stood still suddenly
And held my breath in thrall?
What if you had not been carried away
On the waves of my impetuous desire
And rocked deliriously with
The rise and fall of its summer madness?
What if you had held back just a moment longer
And thwarted destiny’s tempting call
To walk the path of sweet surrender?
Could we then have changed the contours of
Our lives from being ravaged by the
Floods of remorse and pain?

This post was submitted by jaya santhanam.

Life to me

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What does life mean to me,
It means depression as far as the deep blue sea,
Life is a very hard,
Like picking out a birthday card,
As I listen to music in my bed,
I have depressing thought fill my head,
Crying weeping ,
Sitting creeping,
It’s hard to be me in my age,
Some times it feels like I’m trapped in my own cage,
Heart brakes,
Painful regretful mistakes,
Go back to good times,
It seems like our lives are just slime,
Endless pain,
It seems like life is a struggling game,
Time no time in the end,
No worries this will never happen again,
This is the end of time for me,
My life is hard as u all see.

This post was submitted by Courtney Hoffmaster.

While you were here…

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While you were here with me,
my love for you did stay.

even since you have gone away,
i still love you just the same.

my feelings for you just wont die,
i wish i was yours and you were still mine.

oh dont you worry dear, i wont be left behind.
i will haunt you heart and wipe your tears each
and every time you cry.

This post was submitted by megan george.

Life is…

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Life is not a fairy tale,
everything cant turn up alright.
But it’s not showing you failed,
You just have to turn your darkness into light.

Life is not just a game,
people have real feelings.
And i’m sure you feel the same,
besides…people have enough stress their probably dealing.

Life is…suppose to be fun!
To laugh, to enjoy, and to be happy in life.
So when your feeling down, just take a deep breath,
and look up at the sun…Look way beyond the clouds!
And just say to yourself that dont always stress with your worries and strife.

This post was submitted by Katie.

Shadow of love

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One day
you touched my life,
innocence on the street

I dreamt of you
I slept with your breath in my hair
I carved your body in my dreams

The rainbow touched my soul
I loved you in my life,
safe and trusting, born again

Life had new colors
I knew we belong together
for better or for worst

I woke up
the life was empty
only the image of yesterday remained

My longing hart
still looks for you
every day, every year

For better and worst
for now and for ever
for you and me.

This post was submitted by Magdalena.


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If dreams came true id have a million,
if love was true your one in a billion.
if i had one reason to touch the sky,
with you on my mind i could fly high.
if i had a penny for everything your about,
there would be so many and no one could count.
if i looked up at the night stars,
there are nt enough to tell how good you are.
i hope you will forever be mine.

This post was submitted by Kayleigh Tracy.

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