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Hard life

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I am how i am cuz of a hard life
I dont know how i manage all the pain, misery an strife.
Ill sit sometimes an ask god y?
Im a real tough dude an still wanna break down an cry.
I grew up rough an its all good
If i can go back i dont think id change my childhood
We all have it hard an different ways to go about it
U can say there is worse people, right now i doubt it
There is no limit on how much pain i can take
Yea itll slow me down but im not gonna break
Just cuz someone cant be beat doesn’t mean they always wanna fight
An just cuz i can handle it doesn’t mean i dont want things to be alright
Right now i got a lot weight on my shoulders
It just gets heavier an heavier as i get older
I train an train an that’s weight i just cant lose
If u wanna appreciate ur life just step in my shoes
I appreciate u reading what i write
i wont help most of u, but some of u it might.

This post was submitted by robert oregon.

What it Means!

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A glace from across the park.
a walk along the shore.
a kiss on a park bench.
a hug at the door.
that glance that says hello.
that walk that says lets be friends.
the kiss that says i love you
and that hug that syas goodbye.
this all means nothing.
the memory of you that will last forever
means the world!

This post was submitted by Ian Clute.


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It’s hard to pretend

to laugh with your friends.

i hide it for years

but my eyes can’t hold back the tears.

today is the time

to tell them your crime

what have you done?

for me you’re gone.

as i break my silence

for being a nonsense

see now im happy

even if you’re not here with me

i had enough of you

so goodbye my boo

i deserve someone better

that will make me happier.

This post was submitted by maan.

I just love the way you love me

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I like the way you love me,
The way you tease me, squeeze me, thrill me.
I like the way you love me.
The way you hold me, told me you love me.
And every time you kiss me,
It thrills me from my head to feet,
No one can ever beat that,
I know you love me and I do too,
I just love the way you love me.

This post was submitted by lexi.

Hope Is The Answer

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Man is an employee
Working and sweating every single day
Doesn’t have much money
Still he’s got bills to pay

He questions the master
And has a long wait for his reply
Just when He’s going to give up
Comes the revelation
That hope is the answer
When all else fades away

Woman is a mother
She’s got a lot of mouths to feed
Feels like a martyr
Frustration is what she bleeds

So many disappointments
Yet her faith it keeps her strong
Kids need someone to look up to
In times of desperation
Hope is the answer

So much suffering and heartache
Bourne upon this worldly plain
So many caught up in it
That can’t see beyond their pain

Cries the Wisdom of the ages
All wounds are healed in time
Like a beacon to the future
Shines the inspiration
That Hope is the answer.

This post was submitted by Evan Lee lovefire.

Can’t Forget

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I can’t forget what he did to me.
I can’t change the things that are done.

I can’t forget what he did to me.
I try to make things better but,
in reality im just making them worse.

I can’t forget what he did to me.
Why cant i just forget him and move on?

I know i keep going back to him, but I can’t help myself.
He completes me and without him im nothing.

I can’t forget what he did to me.
With out him in nothing, just an empty soul in a body of nothing.

Just sitting here taking up space and time in the world.

I can’t forget what he did to me.
I need to find someone to complete my soul
and fill my empty body which sits upon this earth.

This post was submitted by Harli Kovalsky.

Letter to you

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She tells you she loves you
and never wants to let go
then you dropped her like a feather
looked into her eyes
and stomp on her heart
some how she still has the strength
to write you this letter.

a damaged girl sits in a corner
but still holds a smile
shes been in this corner
crying over you for a while.
the darkness closes in
as she withers away
an innocent girl,
that still has to pay.

Can’t find the pieces
to put bak together
her life is over
so it doesnt matter
she realizes its to late
your gone;
but your memory will never fade.
i’ll love you forever babe.<3

This post was submitted by brooke hall.

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