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Crazy Feelings

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I think I love him,
that’s what they said,
I told them I was jealous,
that he always hung around other girls,
but he was my best friend…
I couldn’t love him, could I?
He was my perfect person;
At least, in my point of view,
but why couldn’t he see?
I knew everything about him:
much more than her,
All I want to hear him say is,
“I love you too”.

This post was submitted by Jessica.


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You pretended to show you loved me,
Pretended to show you cared,
no shoulder to cry on,
No one to be there,

Love is something godly a parent can show,
shall you love me?
Its not an emotion,
only a scene.

Love is something only a father can sow,
so dad,
show me you love me,
pretend you care,
But when you need me,
i will not be there.

ditch me,
leave me.
Never gona let,
you see me like this writing,
i dont need regret!

I dream,
I sit,
Thinking of dad.

I dream,
I sit,
I think,
never gonna let him make me sad.

This post was submitted by Angel.O..

For my love

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Everything i do is for u
everything i think is of u
pls let me know what should i do
i want u and only u

baby i want u to say yes
i want u to be mine
even if u say no
i will wait
till the very late
bcz i know ur the one, u r the girl
whom i want whom i love
i want no one else pls be mine
i love u and only u


This post was submitted by from:- AMAN MISHRA n i want 2 dedicate this poem to shivangi............the girl that i loved d most......n i keep waiting for her forever........n ever........n ever.

Sad Love

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I’ve loved…but it was taken for granted and so was I…
I’ve cared…but was ignored and forgotten…
I’ve devoted time…but never really noticed…
I reached out…but he remained so distant…
I tried to hold on…but he gave me up…
I suffered…but he remained deaf, mute and blind…
He was mine in words but never really his love.

This post was submitted by AL Corpuz.

Silent in The Shadows

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Far away in the corner, away from ones sight
As the moon rises into the night,
Shadowed by the dark, silenced by the breeze
Tucked far beneath the branches of the flowing trees.

Huddled, cold and hungry she waits
Not knowing what” will be her fate,
She knows it’s a struggle to just stay alive
All she wants is to be happy, hopeful and thrive.

She whispers to god and waits in silence
For the answers she desperately seeks.
Slightly battered confined to a small space,
She knows she must find a safer place.

Till then she’ll stay…
Far away in a corner, away from ones sight
As the moon rises into the night.
Shadowed by the dark
Silenced by the breeze, she waits
And weeps….

This post was submitted by Judy Strelek.


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The summers over old friends have moved on
They’ve found new places to carry on,
The falls wind will bring new change,
To bring new perspectives and to rearrange.

The winter season will draw them near
But only for a short while dear,
Then forward again to their new live,
Some finding husbands, mates, or wives.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the past
When people believe it will always last.
Maybe in spring you will meet for a day,
Talk of old times the quietly slip away.

No matter how much time passes through the years
Or how much the seasons change,
You’ll always have your memories,
To bring you back again….

This post was submitted by Judy Strelek.

My Cuppy Cake

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As morning, Sun. Moon n Lake.
Your love is true, not a Fake.
As each n every breath I Take.
You are precious, my jewel Babe.
You are sweet, my cuppy Cake.
Love u more, is what u make.

This post was submitted by Hawwa Zahira.

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