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Am I Wrong?

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Tomorrow never knows,
I want to see your smiling face again,
But when I reach closer I can’t see it,
The Tear-stained nights when i call your name,
Do you hear me crying our for you?
On those cold rainy days, wrapped in my coat,
Secretly I wait hoping you’ll hold me in your arms
Im haunted by you, your eyes,
The ghost of you asking me why we left;
The question i yearn yo ask,
Do you remember me?
I want to come see you,
is later alright?
There won’t be a later.

This post was submitted by Sunni Lynch.

Mommy Dearest

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Dear Mommy, Mommy,

Tell me why you beat me
This world is hard and already cold
so why do you miss treat me?

You shout me words
and say mean things
that cut me like a knife

The things you do
the things you say
will shape my entire life

So I will bend my knees and say my prayers
to our father up above
that he might strike that cold black heart of your
and fill it up with love.

This post was submitted by Shannell.

Why Me?

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I am confused
A Part of me feel abused
But i still want him
The lights of my life are growing dim
I dont know what to do anymore
I just want to close this door
To my heart and let nobody in
But When
I think i got everyone out
i start to doubt
my choice
When i hear his voice
He is my drug im his addict
Im the one he picked
To emotionally abuse
He knows he leaves Bruises
on my heart
I thought i was smart
I thought i wouldn’t end up in a abusive relationship
But i slipped
up somewhere
but when i stare
into his eyes i fall in love all over again
I forget the pain
he gave me
In his arms i feel free
I cant get enough
I like how hes tough
I hate how no matter what he does to me
I can never stop thinking about what can be
I cant stop thinking about his eyes
I dont want to say goodbye
To his lips
the way he holds my hips
when we hug
Hes the “thug”
i’ve been waiting for
i just hope i dont fall to the floor
from this abuse
i dont want to be confused
where our relationship stands
I just hope i can always have his hands
to help me stand back up.

This post was submitted by Jahssi MaRae Parker.

Live your life

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Live your life with no regrets
live your life with honest secrets
live your life each and every day
live your life with the game they play
live your life for those you love
live your life for those above
live your life for life it self
live your life bcoz no one can tell.

This post was submitted by sasha.

I miss who I thought you were

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I miss you
I miss your smile
I miss your eyes
I even miss your kiss goodbyes
I miss your hugs, I miss your voice
I wish I was at least given a choice
To keep the old you…
or this person you’ve become
I miss who I thought you were.

This post was submitted by Stefana.

No Second Chances

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The darkness is overwhelming me.
Every time I see your face I feel like I’m
Invisible why? Because you cause my
Heart to shatter in many pieces.
Why are there so many pains?
I lost all my respect to you.
You can’t gain the respect back.
I’m so over you, your time is up.
You broke my heart the first time, its over
No second chances.

This post was submitted by Alicia.

Meant To Be

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Waking up in the morning,
The birds are whispering their loving calls,
The sun rises within our world,
You watch it as it falls.

Two doves flying in perfect harmony,
As if they were meant to be,
Holding your hand so close to mine,
The way we sing in perfect key

Staring into your eyes I’m lost,
In a world of pure beauty without fear,
We fit together in perfect rhyme,
I can’t believe I’m really here.

A soul as pure as yours,
Forever deserves to be happy,
And I truly do believe
That we were meant to be.

This post was submitted by Ian Rollins.

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