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Taking a Stand

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Lets all grab a hand,
Together we will take a stand.
A stand to face our fears
And a stand to let them come near.
But don’t be afraid, be strong…
Let that feeling last long
Because together…We can make it as one
before we are all gone.
We are human…
We are soldiers…
And we are the war,
That is what we are here for.
To fight whatever comes our way
Until the next day.
But if you’re already down,
Just remember…Some of us are still around.
To help each other
or helping another,
Whether, it’s good or bad
or happy and sad…
We will make it through,
No matter what we do
Because we are human..
We are soldiers…
And we are the war,
That is what we are here for.
So lets all grab a hand,
And together we will take a stand.
A stand to face our fears,
And let them be near.
So lets all be strong
And it let it last long
Because together…we can make it as one
before we are all gone.
We are human…
We are soldiers…
And we are the war,
That is what we are here for.

This post was submitted by Amber.

Touch of an Angel

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Endless cries of longing
Desires spread to no avail
Lightning strikes a blow of
Heart breaking power

I searched high and low for the remedy
To console my aching
Repeated attempts rendered me in isolation
This virus is eating my soul, my mind
Consuming my will to move on

Held back by thought, images and deeds
Who will cure this empty vessel?
Who will resuscitate my broken heart?

A touch so real, so true
Could drift me to a place unknown
A smile so beautiful, crafted with such precision
The most gentle of touches
Sends a spark reviving the soul

Who would have thought?
It would be a touch of an angel
To bring me back .

This post was submitted by Chifundo Phakathi.

My Angel

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It was midnight on July when my world had entirely changed
Changed by him
He just can’t be describe by just a simple “gorgeous”
He’s no like another nor he is someone to be compared
Because for me
He’s one in million you will pass by

A smile that can even melt the heart of the coldest girl
Eyes that you will get lost even it was just a glance
Voice that will ring your blood to sing in joy
His scent is rush with wine and menthol
But the greatest is his touch, a place that I can call home

I have everything, everything I wanted
But what is the sense of this entire gift that I call interim
For I know just in the brief second I turn a round,
He will all be lost with just a memory to hold
But who I am to grief? When I know his just here for a moment

If the time comes he will be long gone
Though painful but if it means his smile, I will gladly give in
Just to see his smile even if just from afar
Even if his smile is all meant for her
I would take it just to see his smile that ache my heart in a wonderful way

So here I say
You are my life now and forever
No one could ever replace you here in me
For you are the only one I gave in and only you’ll be
For the last time but forever in me, heart to soul, head to toe
I love you my angel.

This post was submitted by jette.


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I left you with nothing,
Our thoughts are hazing.
I left you sleeping,
And now you’re waiting.

This never ending dream,
Is going downstream.

My heart is pierced by devil’s nails.
Riding on a stream of dragon scales,
Again my mind impales my soul,
Throwing me into this hellhole.

I can’t get you out of my head.
Maybe I’d be better of dead.
All the things I never said,
Left me as I bled.

In this hell of angel’s blades.
Where my hope always fades.
What they do persuades,
The fate of time.
Turns back all their crime.
Leaving my fate swinging on a dime.

Shadows whisper in my ear,
Telling me what I fear.
I am forced to suffer.
I’m locked up and getting number.

I’m breaking,
And all you’re doing is taking.
I can’t take this.
I can’t do this.
Please just leave me.
Don’t try to save me.

This post was submitted by Star.

The bouquet of flowers

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The daffodils
They make many exiting sparks exploding all at once
Explaining the chaos of my world

The roses
They come out every once in a while
And bloom in my garden
The petals are delicate; velvety sheen

The drooping black irises
They are very rare
But when it comes in full depression
The dark sad leaves turn angry and wrinkled

The happy golden sunflower smiles throughout the day
When one shrivels and dies, there is always one to take its place
The yellow petals hide the dark center.

This post was submitted by Asma Patel.

Breaking a heart

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Breaking a heart;
and a dear one to hurt
with reluctance we part
and our lives become a-part
destroying that which was
like dust whisked into oblivion
this part of life that has come to pass
when my dear we part.

Thus i wish you well
in this cruel world that we dwell
and if you do tell
of our love that fell
tarnish not our sweet days
leave but a clear page
that would continue at some stage

venture and seek life’s new
lull your heart with life’s joys to
be happy if you may
and brighten each of your days
with thoughts wild and free
and look ahead of what is to be

with an open heart i bid you farewell
i blessed you to, your days to be swell
and if things things turn out right
and another you find
you’ll know that in life
we have to let go at some point
lest the good ones pass us by-
thus make merry and enjoy your sweet days…
from my heart, this I do say.

This post was submitted by erique2u.

The Hall

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He is in the hall
Always against the wall
Just waiting for that one thing
The one thing that will make him happy
Popular and amazing
He is always surrounded by his friends
Football players and many more
Everyone knows him
Girls want to date him
They all want their chance with him
But there is something missing
No one sees it
He is longing for the right girl
One he can not find among his normal crowd
He wants someone else
The girl that is in the hall
Always against the wall
Just waiting for some of his crowd to come her way
Wanting to do anything
He sees her again
He needs her
They are always in the hall
Always leaning against the wall
The most popular couple in school.

This post was submitted by Vessie.

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