Perfect Stranger

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I was in pain when he came,
Still have that feeling of shame,
Completely lost and broken,
Affected by the truth that I was mistaken.

He was more of a stranger,
Never thought he’d be my lover,
He’s sweet and responsible,
Extraordinary and noble.

With his words I feel grateful,
Because he made my life more meaningful,
He definitely unchained my heart,
From all the miseries I had in my past.

He picked me up when i’m down,
With his jokes I no longer have reasons to frown,
He took away my sadness,
And taught me the true meaning of happiness.

He’s dandy and loving,
Thoughtful and very caring,
He’s nifty but different,
With him I feel so content.

He makes my day worth while,
Because he never failed to make me smile,
He’s little bit youngish,
Sometimes he’s problematic but I never heard him spoke in anguish.

I always believe in fidelity,
Because in every relationship its necessary,
I know in my heart that were meant to be,
Simply its what we call destiny.

This post was submitted by Joanne Oguis.

Category: Love Poems
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