Perfection In Every Way

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She is more stunning
Than any work of art
She has eyes that glimmer
Brighter than any star
She has hair
More gorgeous than the sunset
Her laugh is worth more than any
Diamond or piece of gold
Her beauty cannot be captured
By any means possible
It is bound within her
Forever to be my gift
When I see her
She takes my breath away
I am living, breathing, waiting
Just for her
Trying so hard
To hear that laugh
Working harder
Just to impress
Music is playing
When I see her face
Elegant and wondrous
She mystifies me daily
She has been sent as an angel
From high above
She must have been sculpted by gods
For she is perfect in every way
Trying to be patient
But I cannot wait
Imagining the day when
You will be mine
Forever to hold.

This post was submitted by Matthew.

Category: Love Poems
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