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I thought of you just today.
Your smile, your laugh and the things you say.
I thought of the Angel that found this man.
I remembered the first time you held my hand.
I remembered the last time I touched your skin,
And dream about the day that I will again.
At night I lie awake and smile at the dark,
Because of the pictures I hold in my heart.
I know that one day these pictures will be replaced,
With events that will start when again I see your face

This post was submitted by Justin Marker.

Category: Love Poems
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3 Responses

  • paupi says:

    this is one of the best poems ive ever seen! it is just what is happening to me…

  • me says:

    this is actually really good, it actually has meaning unlike some other poems that are just a load of words chucked together and made to rhyme. i like it alot

  • Nadushka Del Rio says:

    This made me smile so much. Very cute poem; I myself can relate.



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