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Please try to make me smile,
even if you think its impossible.
Tell me the truth,
even if you think it will hurt.
If I ask you a question
please answer honestly,
Don’t try to lie to make me feel better,
even if you think it will work.
Hold me when I’m upset,
dry my tears when I cry,
be there for me even if your mad at me
or if I’m mad at you.
Love me when I hate you.
Call me even if you think I’m not home,
Take care of me when I’m sick even if you don’t want get get what I have,
Love me for who I am.
Talk to me late at night on the phone,
even if your tired.
Call me back if I hang up on you.
Tell your friends you don’t care what they think of me & mean it.
Defend me even if I don’t need it.
Help with thinks you don’t even understand.
Tell me you love me,
and mean it.

This post was submitted by Madison Avery.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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