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It was you

DownUp +18

It was you who taught me who i really am,
you taught me what is real and made me see clearly,
now I’m breathing in the real world for the first time,
the only thing you never taught me was how horrible and cruel it could be,
and that i would have to do it without you.
I’ve become what I am because of you, it was all you,
All i wonder now is why i was so oblivious all along.

This post was submitted by Elle Amelia .

My Star

DownUp +31

When all my dreams had faded away,
when all my thoughts had gone astray
you suddenly came to rescue me,
and brought me back to where I should be
you help me reach the unreachable star,
and heal my heart from a previous scar
you added and strengthened my confidence,
you held me up to reach the heavens

It was indeed great and amazing!
I had everything I want but something’s still missing
I looked at you then I knew,
you’re all I need and all my dreams will come true
but I realize you are far,
harder to reach than the farthest star
I stepped beak and I fall,
I thought you’d catch me, so your name I call

Sad to know you weren’t there,
in my lonely nights and great despair
sad to say I could never have you,
because I was careless and my love was so true
and now I’m back to my old sanity,
my fame is in deep vanity
for the man I love had faded away,
and caused my thoughts to go astray!

This post was submitted by crseyl joy bajen.

Love Specter

DownUp +15

I wander around to these lethal wounds
A reverie for my half awakened soul.
I rise to the coffin I used to lie
Living my soul in the grave , I sigh.
I taste the color of the night
Nearly touching the warmth of your sight.
My life left buried alive
Without you I can’t seem to survive.
I can no longer walk through the path where you go
Dying to say that I love you so.
I started to breathe through your lungs
Mesmerizing the pain from my fangs.
Sitting on the edge of the floor,
Feeling your presence I open the door.
I thought I was home,

But you’re gone forevermore. . . .

This post was submitted by nadia.


DownUp +11

I was Walking
My hand in His
Floating like an Angel
As he guided us along

Angels we both were
Gliding along
Asleep i was
Now he is gone and i am me again

This post was submitted by Katey.

Blinded Eyes

DownUp +18

Little girls are protected
From what mothers believe
To threaten them
But we should be
Protecting them from
Little boys
Love blinded eyes
Because a hole in the
Heart cannot
Be healed with a kiss
By a mother
As the tears brim in her eyes
You will wish you had helped her
And now she’s gone
Because you did not give her the light
Of day
And now her day has come
And gone away

This post was submitted by Torii.

Listen to Your Guardian Angel

DownUp +51

When the sun comes out, that’s me telling you, “Good morning”.
When the wind blows, that’s me trying to get your attention.
When the rain pours, that’s me telling you “I miss you”.
When a thunderstorm happens, that’s me telling you, “That wasn’t a good idea.”
When twilight comes, that’s me telling you, “Good night”.
When the snow falls, that’s me telling you, “Everything is okay up here”.
I may not be there with you, but I’ll watch over you.
I may not be there to talk to you, but I’ll watch over you.

Listen to me.
Look for my signs.
For I am your guardian angel, I will watch over you with great care and love.

This post was submitted by Jessie.

Angel in Heaven

DownUp +16

Angel in Heaven,
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
If you can,
Please come and help me.

I need you here
I’m scared
You don’t have to do much,
I just need you to be near.
You don’t have to save me,
Just stay close.

I need your comfort,
I need soothing words.
I want to cry to you,
I want you to save me.
But that’s being selfish,
And I just want you near me.

Angel in Heaven,
Did you hear my prayer?
Did you decide already?

Angel in Heaven,
Even though I’m hurt,
I’ll still wait for you.
Even though I’m scared,
I’ll keep holding on.
Even if you don’t come,
I’ll never give up hope.

Angel in Heaven,
Thank you for trying.
Thank you for listening.
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.
But it’s my time to go.
Thank you for my life,
And thank you for being there.

Angel in Heaven,
I have some great news!
I no longer have cuts or bruises,
I no longer have scars.
All I have now are,
A plain white dress,
A beautiful pair of wings,
And a smile on my face.

Angel in Heaven,
You taught me so much.
You gave me my freedom
And you gave me love.
Thank you Angel and everyone else too.
But the one I should really be thankful to,
Is you.

I’m going to help people
Just as you helped me.
I’m going to give hope
To those who need me.

You’ve given me my happiness…

Thank you Angel.

This post was submitted by Mia S..

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