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Running Away

DownUp +11

Her short brown hair
her innocent face
now filled with despair
she runs away leaving no trace
that her beautiful soul was dying
as she sat in her room crying

She walks down the street
tears in her eyes
walking bare feet
making no sound as she cries
she feels sorry for them
they still live with him

They wouldn’t even come looking
they would be to busy fighting
and her sister would be too busy cooking
and her brother too busy writing
but she has her teddy bear
he seemed to care

She doesn’t want to go
but she has no choice
she cant say no
she can still hear his voice
but why
why does she still cry

But she has to leave home
away from there
even though she will be alone
but it doesn’t matter because they wont care
now she will not cry
and she knows why…

This post was submitted by libby.

She has made me worry free

DownUp +15

Heaven sent this angel down
To make a smile out of a frown
Take away your worries too
Making grey skys turn to blue
Bringing sunshine in the rain
And take away lifes evey pain
When it’s dark she helps me see
And now she has made me worry free

This post was submitted by Hanna.

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