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Forgot to remember

DownUp +18

You walked out the door
And leave me
I say its okay
As I turn away
Away from the anger
The disappointment
I need to stop and accept
This is what will be
Day after day
I start to forget
Forget what was said
Its time to just forget
As I walk out this door
And slam it shout
I forgot
And now its time for you
To remember
Remember what you said
Remember what you did
Remember it’s you
In the end
Because I forgot

This post was submitted by krystal chambers.

Clear As Night, Dark As Day

DownUp +58

Clear as night, dark as day,
still wanting answers, yet here I lay.

Wanting to break free from this place I’m in,
hiding the feelings I have within.

No one understands me, ’cause no one
wants to care,
Sick of hiding behind the smile, i always
seem to wear.

Dark as day, clear as night,
everything’s wrong,
cause nothing’s right.

This post was submitted by Sarah M.

The Anger Within

DownUp +44

How Fine you look when dressed in rage,
A condition never harmed be age,
Lucky for you, that this addiction,
Is but a temperate condition,

For soon you’ll feel and hear and smell,
All the things that come from hell,
Rather like, and excuse my tone,
Like grinding flesh from human bone,

How fair you look when clad in red,
As all your patience now has fled,
But of course, your lucky too,
As red eyes tend to suit so few,

Lightning will envy the way you storm,
And thunder will wonder about your form,
But let’s not forget the way you grin,
When you have committed a cardinal sin,

How dark you look when garbed in wrath,
As you wander down a wicked path,
From when your of a darker hue,
And you know my statement true,

Speaking of truth, you’ll soon be knowing,
Of why your anger still is growing,
Doors have locks and lock have keys,
They will not open despite your pleas,

How fine you look when dressed in rage,
The horror that you must engage,
And now back to your current shape,
Will mark the start of your escape.

This post was submitted by Alice.

Show it

DownUp +37

You let me go
Then you want me back
Stop pushing me around
And cut me some slack
Must I always be waiting on you?
I need someone to see me through
I’m not here just for your joy
I do have my own life
And I’m not your toy
Give me a chance
Because I’m still broken
From the last thing you did
The words that were spoken
Couldn’t you have looked me I the eye?
I guess not
Were you too afraid to see me cry?
Well I’m not, and I wasn’t going to anyway
Because I’m stronger than that
People get hurt everyday
So stop getting things mixed up
You did this to me
It was you, you were the one
Open your eyes look and see!
Forget it I’m done
It’s your fault and you know it
So why don’t you be a man
Find your feelings and show it.

This post was submitted by Celine Butcher.

Evil Slave

DownUp +14

Hatred seeks to shorten
the hesitant hand of hope
it looks to snuff the light of trust
leaving us all to grope
In the darkness of misconceptions
where partiality breeds
wrath quickly germinates
persecutions scattered seeds
For these are sown far too deep
and watered with human vile
then perpetuated by intolerance
ignorantly misguided all the while.

This post was submitted by Donna Haynes.

I’ll never be friends with you again

DownUp +17

As time goes on,
I know that I’ll never be friends with you again
You are so different from now and then
I used to be able to call you my best friend
Until you changed that one day
I had no idea what to think or say
My best friend of mine,
Who was nice and smart,
Became some girl who didn’t have a heart
You hung out with all the wrong people in school
And after you did things with people who you thought were cool
I just don’t get how you changed so much
I mean you look the same, you talk the same
And you don’t have a different name
Then why don’t I see my best friend?
Even though I tried so hard,
I guess all relationships come to an end.

This post was submitted by noname.

A Mistake

DownUp +30

Letting out my anger,
Can’t let out my tears.
Want to talk to you,
But you create my fears.

You just don’t listen,
You just don’t look,
You really don’t care,
And my heart you took.

I tried to finish,
I was not done.
A second I blinked,
And you were gone.

I wasted my time,
My heart is shattered.
With your lying words,
You had my flattered.

Pig out on my heart,
Eat everything you can take,
Because now I have realized,
That you were a mistake.

This post was submitted by Sabrina.

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