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She Came Without A Cry

DownUp +26

She came without a cry.
So small, eyes closed, never opened to see our love;
But could feel it softly as our tears fell on her cheeks.
Beautiful round face.
White blonde hair.
Struggling to stay with us long enough for us to hold her;
To kiss her;
To feel her warmth;
To see her face.
Joy and heartbreak filled us all.
Joy for the hour we had been blessed with her.
Heartbreak for her passing so soon from our lives.
Quietly, so quietly she faded and faded and then she was gone.
How could someone so young and small,
Someone in our lives only an hour,
Make such an impression, an impression that will stay with us as long as we live?
Quietness and stillness filled the room when she passed,
Like all of the noise had been sucked out of the room.
As if we in that room were the only people in the world.
Then gently we each kissed her goodbye.
I know that each of us left a part of ourselves behind.
None of us would ever be quite the same again.
But we also took something wonderful with us,
There was a gift given to each of us that day.
A gift that we can cherish forever.
The gift of her hanging on so long;
Showing us how much she wanted to be with us.
Kylyn Marie
Our angel.
Thank you for coming to our family.
Know that you will always be loved.

This post was submitted by Paula Lythgoe.

Loving Words for my Unborn Baby

DownUp +189

There are no words to describe,
the feelings I have inside.
Each new day is a magnificent one,
and waiting for you,
my daughter or son,
is an emotional and intense time
because a mother’s love is one of a kind.
I am blessed to be waiting for your arrival.
I promise, my little one,
to be the best mom I know I can be.
I will love you forever unconditionally!

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

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