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Always used to be

DownUp +4

Theres a thought in my head,
which makes me doubts,
There’s a feeling in my heart,
which is not allowed,
It doesn’t matter how hard I’ve tried
I’m strong.
But the feeling is stronger.
Always used to be to act as you want .
But everything was always wrong.
I needn’t to look in the mirror
To see what you see,
I feel it
And it makes me weak,
without doing anything about it.
So maybe I’m strong, maybe I’m weak
But I have to deny all the time
Can’t leave it all behind,
Everything is crossing my mind.
I know past will always be strong,
But the marks will fade out soon.

This post was submitted by AliceAngel.

Measure Of Importance

DownUp +4

“I am important.”
Everyone laughs at me
“That’s not true.” They said.
“You can’t even see.”

“You are important.”
Mom tells me.
“You can do great things.”
But I can’t even see.

“You are important.”
My best friend says
“You’re so much fun.”
But I can’t even see.

“You’re not important.”
Says the boy at school.
He laughs as I stumble.
“You can’t even see.”

“I’m not important.”
I say, 5 years later.
“I can’t do anything.
I can’t even see.”

“You are important.”
Mom tells me.
“You can do anything.”
But I can’t even see.

“You are important.”
My sister frowns.
“You’re the only one of you.”
But I can’t even see.

“You are important.”
My best friend laughs.
“You are amazing.”
But I can’t even see.

“You are important.”
Says the boy at school.
“I think you’re awesome.”
Maybe I can see.

I am important
I’m told every day.
My heart becomes my eyes
And now I can see.

This post was submitted by Emma.

The Path To Follow

DownUp +10

Here I sit,
As I dream of it
A future with no tomorrow.
I press my days,
And keep my gaze
A life with no sorrow.
My peace of mind,
I leave behind
My dreams I’d like to follow.
And with each stride,
I take in pride
Dreaming the better tomorrow.
No feat is to weary,
Or obstacle too scary
For my dreams I will not shadow.
My head held high,
I cannot shy
On the path I’ve begun to follow.

This post was submitted by Amanda.


DownUp +6

I have a silly smile,
A silly laugh.
I giggle at everything
Because life’s to short to be anything but happy.
You can call me a goof,
You can call me silly,
But you’ll never be able to say I’m unhappy.

This post was submitted by Paige.

Be Yourself

DownUp +10

I`m different,
I`ve always been different!
Never fitting in,
Or having any friends.
They call me “The Nerd,”
But I`ve gotten used to it.
But, that don`t mean it doesn`t hurt.
I`m always the odd one out,
Cast aside in my times of need,
Not treated like a human-being!
Shunned, Picked on, and lonely,
That`s me! But hopefully some day,
Someday SOON….
I`ll be accepted for BEING MYSELF!!
`Cause no one could replace me….EVER!!

This post was submitted by Nicole.


DownUp +2

They say they don’t judge me,
but I see it everyday.
They say they are my friends,
Than why are they acting that way.
I am the same person that I use to be,
But now you know the truth about me.
I will say it again and this time more loud,
If you got a problem with it,

This post was submitted by Chelsea Ann Cruz.


DownUp +1

I was not born to insist myself
To someone who doesn’t want me
So if you don’t like me anymore
Don’t do just pretty fake script,don’t even compliment

I easily fall to someone,even in extraterrestrial
As long as you keep in touch
Every little thing you do comes magic for me
Keep me from falling and on hanging

When i sense that a person starting to get rid of me
I won’t waste time,
I won’t wait for him to come back,
I’ll let him feel my absence

I give love,yes i do
A true love really for you
So don’t tell me i’m a fake lover
That’s not a reason to be a paramour

Yes, maybe love don’t fade easily
But if it wasn’t meant
And it wasn’t fair enough
It will fade.

This post was submitted by Pauline Raei Intia.

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