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The Girl With The Long Hair

DownUp +16

The girl with the long hair she has the prettiest smile.
And her beauty don’t just come from her great sense of style.
Her gorgeous face is something that I would die for.
She’s the whole package there’s nothing more I can ask for.
She has the perfect skin tone with dark brown eyes.
A small waist and little thin thighs.
Her hands is sweet you know nice and smooth.
When she get around me sometimes I get the blues.
She keep her hair up tight using that good shampoo.
Didn’t see her feet yet but I’m sure they look gook too.
I’m addicted to her it’s like I’m under a spell.
I know her voice, her laugh and even her smell.
My friends say go get her, I say she’s out of my league.
If we were both plants she’d be a flower and I’d be some weeds.
I get up early because to see her I can not wait.
Her smile makes me smile, yeah it’s that great.
I will always have a thing for her that’s just how it is.
This for the girl with the long hair, she know who she is.

This post was submitted by Sharod Blake.

Beauty Bouquet

DownUp 0

There’s a girl who walks the scenic trail.
The one with the long ponytail.
The way it blows in the breeze.
Can bring a fellow to his knees.

She’s pure as sunshine.
Mellow as aged wine.
Mystical as a Hawaiian sunrise.
A beauty bouquet for the eyes.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

Look harder

DownUp +3

She has a beauty within ,
The kind where she knows where
she’s going and where she has been,
She knows just who she is and wants to be,
She has the kind of beauty a lot of people can’t see,
You can only see if you get close enough to look.
Not every one is like this girl
They judge her and treat her like nothing
But what they don’t realize is that
she is really quite something.

This post was submitted by Emily Thomas.

My Beauty

DownUp -3

Beauty like the butterfly is she
wings so vibrant so lovely to see.
the passion is in her laugh, her art.
look close to see so different so smart.
Graceful, soft & sweet… so nice,
Draws you in like a summer night.
Singing as sweet as tea,
do you hear… artfully.
Her beauty so graceful
radiant, full of life is she.
so look to the sky,
Beauty… that’s me.

This post was submitted by aby.

The Beauty

DownUp +1

Back in the interiors of the crosswalk
The succession of the blissful scenes
On the walls of the word beautiful
stood an angel in the form of flesh
Her smile as lovely as the lilies in autumn
Her eyes glimmer in the colors of gold
I saw the contours of her body
The pride and priceless velvet skin
I swear the look on her face could move mountains
A feel of her touch and you’ll be nowhere but next to paradise
I wanted to hold her close
But she was so far away
Yet I feared neither distance nor time
For her image was just an inch away
I call her a star in my universe
The living of my nights
The glitters of my day
She is all that matters and still is
The beauty in me.

This post was submitted by Michael Femi damilola.

She is everything

DownUp +3

She is free spirited
That’s why i was inherited
She is like a dove
I was so easy to fall in love

She is so funny
Like a cute bunny
She is so sweet
Like a bird tweet

I was like a tormented soul
Now i am a free tool
Because all of her love
I wasn’t able to sob

She is so beautiful
And so thoughtful
She is everything
I wouldn’t exchange for anything.

This post was submitted by Anthony Gentilezo.

Beauty is deep

DownUp +3

Beauty is just like a mountain
You will never know what’s inside
On the surface, it can be fill with green plants
How about inside it?
Is it a hole or what?
So, beauty is just like a mountain
The appearance is very beautiful and graceful
How about inside it?
Beauty of a person cannot say with appearance
Beauty is appear inside the deepest of the heart
The deeper the heart is, the beautifuler the beauty is.

This post was submitted by Roselyn.

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