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DownUp +11

I want to find
What I cannot see
Can it really be
Hidden inside of me
I look into the mirror
Only to find
What appears in my mind
Oh how I want you
Show yourself to me
Beauty, oh beauty
Where can you be?

I know where it must hide
Inside my mind
Inside my heart
Inside of me
For the only beauty that
Not all can see
Will be found
Looking inward at me

This post was submitted by kbird96.


DownUp +7

Beauty for me is a gift from nature,
Gifted to everything and every creature.
From the ocean’s depth to the mountain’s peak,
Beauty is everywhere wherever we seek.

Beauty rests within the person’s eye,
Like a flower blooms and a bird flies.
Beauty lies within every creation of God,
Regardless the thing how even or odd.

Nothing in my life is as beautiful as you,
And no one’s gonna love you the way I do.
From deep within my heart to God I thank,
For her love so deep in which I sank.

In love this world seems so fresh and new,
May God create everything in this world as beautiful as you.

This post was submitted by Dinesh K.

True Beauty You Cannot See

DownUp +92

True Beauty You Can’t See
As the true beauty you can’t see, lies beneath the surface
Most likely hidden in a heart shaped protective case
You can search, but it’s kept it deep within
Everything beautiful is buried under the skin
Outer beauty can only carry us so far
It doesn’t show us who we really are
Our real beauty is covered with that shell
And it’s something so precious we cannot buy or sell
Once our true beauty spills through crate
There’s no stopping it because it seals our fate

This post was submitted by TWINKLEBEE.

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