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A Broken Love

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The pain is tough tonight
This tortured tunnel has no light
As my tears soar and flood the ground
I wish you were here so my heart would pound

A man in stress sings from his soul
Grief stricken tales are told with a growl
The words so pure form some kind of potion
Now my weathered world turns in a dying motion

The sun filled days where we dared to dream
Now this fire filled hell just makes us scream
Two angels will forever dispel your fear
My blood stained hands I prey one day will be clear

Through the dark old dreams spark a flame
Oh my love how my broken heart is not your blame
On the peak I believe there is a heavenly life
Where that day I prey you will be my wife.

This post was submitted by Adam Smirh.


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The pain is in all places
like a disease that won’t stop spreading
It’s in all the faces
that pass by without knowing my dreading

They say nothing can be un-fixable,
obviously they don’t know…
broken hearts are un-heal able
like a broken light that will never glow

There is no cure for this
It is unmistakable
In life it’s hard to miss
being this breakable.

This post was submitted by Kimberly Ann.

It wasn’t serious, just a time pass :(

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The 1st time we talked, was on 25th December,
You were wearing a plain white dress, i still remember.
Christmas party was the occasion,
And your house in Goa was the location.

We both were bored so we went to the beach,
It is then, our friendship took another reach.
On the beach we walked hand in hand,
And it was like walking in heaven not on land.

It was our first meet, right,
And i wondered, was it love at first site.
Party was done and we were back home,
But before leaving we exchanged numbers on the phone.

When we used to meet, i use to have a chocolate box,
Bcoz i enjoyed having it with you on the Marine Line’s Rock.
Our relationship had reached to that level,
Where you was the angel and i was the devil.

It was almost 2 months that our relationship last,
Then i knew, you weren’t serious it was just a time pass.
That day i toh had a sleepless night,
Even the countdown was upto 17 lite’s.

I didn’t had anyone to speak my heart out,
Unless i talked to Rahul and Mukesh in the nightout.
Dear karishma, to be happy, i don’t need you,
Bcoz i have friends in plenty, not in few.

This post was submitted by Vikrant Viky Jadhav.


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You now you broke my heart
you laugh at my pain
you kept on and made sure i always felt it
you hated me and loved me
you said i was cute but it was all a broken lie
my heart was born broken
you knew it and you just shared it
why you didn’t care
when have you ever cared
my dreams are broken they are never finished
no one now what you really are
so you broken everything
why would you laugh at all the pain you caused.

This post was submitted by silver.

Broken Heart

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The heart I thought is a formidable seal
Never to be broken as true as steel
But mine was soon to be torn to pieces
The last of deeds in my list of wishes

You touched my heart in a way so caring
Your look your words were so appealing
You came around and made me smile
A feeling that lasted for just a while

Like trees rejoice to the breath of breeze
The sight of my love knuckled my knees
I thought true love was what I had
But cupid had plans to make me sad

And when my night became so cold
Your lovely hands I wished to hold
But another prey you held all night
With cold and tears I slept in fright

I’ve heard of tales about love gone sour
Of kings and nobles that killed for love
Never found out till this present hour
My pain for love was sent from above

My metallic spade you ripped apart
I’m left with nothing but a broken heart
And now in pain I have to leave
But for a brighter day I have to live.

This post was submitted by idowu kingsley(antonio Zimo).

Tell me

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I Feel stupid ever believing that you actually cared
You have no idea how much i waited for your love
And most of all you
Did you really cared?
Or was i a joke?
Did you actually Liked me?
Or you just used me?
Did you even wanted to be with me?
Or just didn’t wanted to be alone?
I Wanna know how did you really feel about me
You say i was
And couldn’t live without me
Was that all true?
Or Just A Another game you played with my heart
Tell Me Before I Regret all of our memories we shared
Tell Me…..!

This post was submitted by Emmily Olvera.


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Now i know why you ignored when you were on facebook….
You don’t love me….
Now i know why you wouldn’t answer my texts…
You don’t care….
YOU can’t even answer my call….
You hear me crying on the other end
Begging for an answer as to why this happened.
You listen to me and just delete it….
You don’t care….
No feelings…..
You say i did nothing wrong
But i had to for you to leave me…..
Maybe i didn’t love you enough…
Maybe i didn’t support you enough….
Am i to wait for you with a broken heart….
Or am i just some woman like you said…
Tell me what to do because i am lost without you.

This post was submitted by Ashley Halliburton.

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