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Let It Go

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It’s nothing more
Nothing less
I’m so cold to the core
If you can’t tell, guess
I’m trying to see the dawn
I’m missing your heart
I can’t move on
I can’t believe you tore us apart
And the love we share
Along with my kiss
You don’t even care
It’s you that I won’t miss
So good-bye
I bid you a due
You made me cry
I freaking’ hate you….

This post was submitted by Kathrine.

It’s Hard

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It’s hard to say goodbye,
when you’ve never had to try.
I cant push out emotions,
on to the surface, i cant focus.
It’s hard to say dont go,
because our time wont slow.
time is not a friend to me
and patience will not try for me.
It’s hard to say don’t leave,
when you would never say it to me.
i have to let you go,
but i cannot let you know.
i wont hold back you dreams,
that is too selfish of me,
we cheated time by loving life,
but now we must, pay the price.
its hard to say it’s me,
that made you have to leave,
it hurts more than hurts my pride,
it clings to me and
beats on a high.

This post was submitted by layla.

Broken Wings

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I listen to my tears
As they hit the floor
I live with my fears
When they come to knock on my door
I fear things I shouldn’t have to
I dread things I feel
I’m scared to listen to hear you
And all the things that aren’t real
I wish you’d let me cope
Feel the hurt fly away
But I feel no hope
So I live day by day
I can’t see the light
Blinded by your soul
I can’t take flight
Because my broken wings were never made whole.

This post was submitted by Kathrine.

You Promissed Me Forever !

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I don’t know were we stand , or what we even are . .
I don’t know what to do , were to finish or how to start ,
The time that we have spent i cherish every day ,
But what hurts me the most is that you couldn’t stay ,
You came to be my first my one and only,
Now I’m sitting in this room crying and lonely,
You Promised me forever ! you even took my heart <3 You told me you'll place it in a safe ,and you won't break it apart . It's crazy how you lie , you just sit there and lie , You broke my heart in half ,you ripped me up inside , But with each and every tear ,and each and every lie, I won't stop loving you even then i tried .

This post was submitted by Shailyn Odalys Hernandez.

Do you feel my pain?

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Why does it seem like
You can’t feel the pain
You’re putting me thru?
You put me thru a lot
Of pain, everyday!
It hurts

This post was submitted by Liisa Mark.

Another Faded Promise

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Never have I felt so broken.
Never felt so far away.
You finally got me to snap,
Going day by day.
People tell me all the time
Love can never get in,
Unless it seaps through the wound
Where your heart has been broken.
My heart is open and bleeding,
That they say time will mend.
But they don’t seem to understand,
The scar lasts till the end.
Yet love still hasn’t found its way,
Into my lonesome heart.
It just keeps bleeding and teering,
Until it finally falls apart.
Why did you let me fall?
How could you let me down?
After you promised me
That you would always be around.
You just keep hurting me.
And to be completely honest
I fell like I’m nothing,
But another faded promise.

This post was submitted by Marissa Sauceda.

Without You

DownUp +1

I fell for you too many times
now there’s just too many fines.
Now I know things will never be the same
because to you I am so lame.

I didn’t want to get hurt by you
but I guess that’s all you like to do.
Now it’s time for me to go
and if you want me back i will say no.

You said this would last
but that lie went by too fast.
I guess my friends were right about you
I can’t take it now that my heart is in two.

I’m sick of all the games you play
now i’ll see you some other day.
I knew from the day we met
there were going to be things I can’t forget.

Just because I gave you my heart
doesn’t mean you can break it apart.
And now that all your games are through
I’d like to live my life without you!

This post was submitted by Emily Kelly.

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