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Love Fades Away

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All the love I had for you is going down the drain,
And the time I’ve spent with you has been in vain.
Now I’m hurting bad, and I can’t stand this pain,
I don’t know what to do, I’m going insane.
You were the best thing that happened in my life,
I actually thought that you could have been my wife.
Haha, but now I hear you’re with another guy,
Now I feel like I’m going to die.
I don’t know what to do to make you see,
That you really mean the whole world to me.
But screw it, tomorrow is a brand new day,
And I’ll live it my own way.

This post was submitted by Hugo Diaz.

Nothing left to feel

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I think we’ve reached that point’
I think today is the day
The day the truth comes out
to wipe our smiles away!!

I’ll feed you lies with no remorse
while empty words make things much worse..

No more long nights or gray filled days,
we both see life in different ways…
No more long nights or gray filled days,
it’s time to go our separate ways…

They say love hurts I beg to differ
the pain I caused has grown much bigger,
A fake caress, a false embrace while
countless tears run down your face.

No more long nights or gray filled days,
we both see life in different ways….
A rough caress, a cold embrace
My aching hart has lost the race.
A silent mouth that has no taste,
as new love comes and takes my place!!!

This post was submitted by Angel R. Silva.

Love – An Insight from my experience

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What is love? A question asked too often and answered wrong
Love resides in all hearts and makes life feel like a beautiful song
When she comes my way a happy song plays all day
Then out of the blue the illusion of love breaks away
She says she does not love me and thinks of me as a friend
Life becomes empty and I think I have reached a dead end
Actually she loves somebody else the word friend is an excuse
Knowing the facts I become a recluse
I drink and smoke and do some dope
My life is now almost without any hope
I don’t see anything like love which is everlasting and pure
People change and evolve every day I am quite sure
So I keep moving on and cherish the moments shared
The sparks which never become a fire but I think she cared
I ask myself was it love or lust
I tried to save it before it got bust
This poem is getting naughty but it is the truth
In my quest for true love I have become uncouth
I move on and discover another spark flying out of the blue
I don’t know if this is my true love but I will give it a shot or two
I get termed as Casanova as another one bites the dust
I want my true love so I keep looking for it I think I must
There is nothing like true love if only I knew
I wouldn’t waste my life trying out with quite a few
Stop looking for love and always feel nice
So all my friends please take this advice
Lust is not love but a temptation too hard to resist
Stop this lusty search for love as it does not exist.

This post was submitted by Kanwaljit Nagpal (Prince).

The End

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he End has come to me,
I do not understand this pain.
What really came to be?
once again my heart has been slain.

Love showed me the fire,
the long slow burn that will not heal
Pains of agony now echo my desire
My heart will forever reel in the fire

I have lost my will to love,
I will never feel this pain again
Where has my will to love gone
it has flown upon a dove.

Good bye my love,
the end has come.

This post was submitted by D. J. .


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Everything made is meant to be broken.
Everything you have spoken,
Was far from reality.
You must be drifting amongst the stars,
And I’m observing from a distance far.

How much more should i be expected to take,
When more than half the people in this world are fake.
I don’t think she sees me,
Or who i have turned out to be.

I wish you just turned back around,
To get one more glance of my frown.
The last thing I wanted was for you to part,
Away from everything that set us apart.

If only you put aside the things that didn’t matter,
Then part of my world wouldn’t have had to shatter.
But at least now i know better,
Always looking for brighter weather.

I could never do the things you do,
And that just lets me be true.
I still have little hope,
I’ve definitely learned how to cope.

This post was submitted by Heather.


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You don’t know a half about whats right
half of its just lies
but there must be a reason to why,
i’m all torn up inside
You use to hold me so tight
now the pictures in my mind,
lead me to remember us that one time,
in the sunshine, i lost sight gazing upon those eyes
now your with another guy
living another life deep in love yet,
i still miss you,
forgetting you i have tried
just cant think through,
why you left me behind

I cant lay eyes on the past
it hurts just to ask,
why, why we didn’t last
was is over from the very start
did i ever hold a place in your heart,
its hard to heal the scars of the past,
the marks hold their place,
we never really got far
and there’s a thin line between love n hate,
but i guess it was just fate.

This post was submitted by Reclusee.

I Hate Goodbye

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I wish you were mine

i wish you could see

what the pain of my past

is doing to me

i once was scared

to tell you

what i really wanted to say

but now your gone forever

because i waited until today

the pain drips down my face

into a puddle of sorrow

leaning towards the past

not looking at tomorrow

just one chance to be

with you

but im afraid

of what that would do

dont judge me from

my fears

and only who i am

because its time

my new life began

i hate to say goodbye

and im not sure what

it will bring

but your slipping away

away from everything!

This post was submitted by Stephanie.

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