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Final Goodbye

DownUp +2

He was my one…
The only one I trusted…
The only one I’ve ever really have loved…
Now it feels like…
He’s gone forever and ever out of my life…

Now we’re nothing…
Just history…
Nothing that is real anymore…
Now we’re like broken glass…
Nothing can repair it…

And when we try…
We’re just gonna cut ourselves with the glass..

So this is my final goodbye….
Just with words….
And this is my last and final one to you…
So remember I’ll always love you…
So goodbye to you forever.

This post was submitted by Cindy.

Last lines after breakup

DownUp 0

Noww i’m sittin in this empty room

With a thought in my mind

You need me no more

I’m closin my eyes forever

With a hope

That someday i’ll be yours.. !

This post was submitted by Gurpreet Singh.

Scar and Broken Heart

DownUp 0

You were the only one
Who was different than the rest
You were perfect
You passed my every test

If I would test you now
Not sure, but somehow
You’d pass them all again
All but one thing…
The part where you loved me.

You healed my scar and broken heart
You gave me everything to give
You loved me and we lived
I loved you with everything I had
Made me laugh when I was sad
I felt like such a lucky girl
But when I lost you
I lost my world.

Now all over again I wept
Another scar and broken heart is left.

This post was submitted by Amber Lee.


DownUp +3

Forget my name,
Forget my face,
Forget my kiss
And warm embrace.
Forget the time we spent together,
Remember now I’m gone forever!

This post was submitted by Tiffany Call.


DownUp 0

He was the reason
for my tears and happiness
he left me sad with anger and madness
i don’t understand why he left me this way
he once loved me and told me he was here to stay
good times are over and i’m alone now
it want be until the check my chest, find it empty and see how
i hate him so
so heartless i am
he broke my heart
but to get away with it lie be dam!

This post was submitted by Mary.

Broken hearted

DownUp 0

U told me we had something special
But we never did. 
Wot we had wasn’t even real. 
Its wot evry1 else feels.

U fort4 me once, u couldn’t do it again
That just shows how much u loved me
I loved u so much to kip fighting
U couldn’t fight 4me til d very end

I would have done anything for you
Just to kip u smiling
But now its seems 2 me
That u don’t want me to make u happy

We could have been so good to give
We could made it work
But instead of holding on
U decided to let go of us.

This post was submitted by SafB.

The Pain In a Young Girl’s Heart

DownUp 0

Used to blame myself
for a lot of things you did
tried making excuses
for the hurtful things you’ve said
stepped on me, feeling stupid
why did i put up with that?
didn’t make much sense
lost and feeling trapped
friends gave advice
what good what that do?
i pretend to listen
not ready to give up on you
could not take it anymore
time for us to part
you never seemed to notice
the pain in a young girls heart.

This post was submitted by Deanna Daniels.

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