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Stand Still

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I never should have said yes ,
you never should have asked ,
my heart was in the right place
and now its broken ,
you shattered it like glass ,
you make me weak ,
i can’t even think ,
i wish i never met you no
i wish you never met me ,
times are hard without you ,
and my nights get cold ,
but knowing you hurt me ,
is a story untold
why did you do it ,
were we meant to be
cause you hurt me ,
now i hate you but
my love for you still runs deep ,
i cry to sleep ,
my heart slowly beats
why did this happen to us ,
we are suppose to be in love ,
some night while i cry i pray to the lord above ,
i want this to work , i need us to work ,
but i am still hurt , this pain won’t fade ,
i don’t think it will ,
but until you come back baby ill stand still.

This post was submitted by Charletta.

A Broken Love

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The pain is tough tonight
This tortured tunnel has no light
As my tears soar and flood the ground
I wish you were here so my heart would pound

A man in stress sings from his soul
Grief stricken tales are told with a growl
The words so pure form some kind of potion
Now my weathered world turns in a dying motion

The sun filled days where we dared to dream
Now this fire filled hell just makes us scream
Two angels will forever dispel your fear
My blood stained hands I prey one day will be clear

Through the dark old dreams spark a flame
Oh my love how my broken heart is not your blame
On the peak I believe there is a heavenly life
Where that day I prey you will be my wife.

This post was submitted by Adam Smirh.

I Remember

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I remember the days you and me shared
but that was way back then when you cared
i loved you
and you played me
still the this day im not the same
my heart was left in pieces
i though we would be together for ever
but its only in dreams where love last forever
you said you would never hurt me
but after i cried
my heart felt like it had died
i gave you my everything
and in return you didn’t do nothing but hurt me
i will always be your friend
but in the end i miss being your girlfriend.

This post was submitted by kym jackson.

The Mask

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Tears I cry
Pain I feel
I don’t want to die
But how do I deal

I live a lie
I hide my pain
Without this mask
Tears fall like rain

I try to cope
And keep on going
But I lose hope
And my heart needs sewing

I want to forget
God knows I try
But I just can’t
So I live this lie

I wear this mask
Every day
So that he won’t see
That I’m not ok

When it falls off
Then he sees
Underneath this mask
And looks at the real me

That’s when he knows
That I’m in pain
And that he’s the cause
Of all this rain

But I have to try
To keep moving on
He says it’s for the best
But now he’s gone

So on goes this mask
And on goes the pain
I know I’ll always live
In the pouring rain.

This post was submitted by Kristen McFarland.

The Girl That loved me not

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I always loved you from the start
i could never bear to be apart
all the memories we had all the things we said
but now those feelings are gone and now those times are dead
you were the one for me i thought
until you told me you loved me not
i slowly watched you walk away
i sat there left in disaray
but you will always have that number one spot
of the girl i loved that loved me not
we grew up together the best of buds
laughing and crying giving hugs
im sorry i cant be good enough for you
you ve moved on, for some one new
i will always love u so dont forget
that young Mexican boy with no regrets
we had our times, they didnt last
too bad we grew up way too fast
so now i try to say good bye
to the one that cant be mine
to the girl i never got
to the girl that loved me not….

This post was submitted by smip.


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The pain is in all places
like a disease that won’t stop spreading
It’s in all the faces
that pass by without knowing my dreading

They say nothing can be un-fixable,
obviously they don’t know…
broken hearts are un-heal able
like a broken light that will never glow

There is no cure for this
It is unmistakable
In life it’s hard to miss
being this breakable.

This post was submitted by Kimberly Ann.

Goodbye for now..

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You know that saying ‘if you love someone let them go’?
And then you’ll see their true feelings show.
Well that’s what I’m planning to do
Because I feel that I honestly do love you.
But to know your true feelings towards me
This is how things are gonna have to be..
So I’m leaving you alone
As the words I want to speak are, for now, postponed.
This is gonna hurt me worse than it will for you
Because this is something I don’t wanna do..
And maybe if you prove to me you truly care,
I will remain to show that I will always be there.
So for now I have nothing more
Then my final words: ‘te amo mi amor’

This post was submitted by stephiee.

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