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True Story

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I sit here wondering each and everyday,
you seem to be pushing me away,
I don’t understand why you are being this way?
You slowly stopped talking to me,
And didn’t answer my calls,
I often lay there crying on the floor,
I didn’t know what to do anymore,
where to turn to next?
I had had it with your bullshit,
I didn’t want to hear your lies,
Every time i asked you,
You just said you couldn’t get online
But i knew your password,
And what you were telling me was all a big lie!
You talked to all those other girls,
But never bothered to type my name,
This was just like one of your silly games
I grew tired of this,
sick of the tears you caused me to cry,
I asked you: Baby do you still love me,
Or am i hanging on for dear life?
What he told me had broken my little heart,
I just didn’t understand why he led me on from the start?
Why did you let me hang onto something that wasn’t even there?
That had just disappeared into thin air.
And your reason is: You didn’t really care,
Your feeling were never there,
He said this is goodbye,
Don’t ever call again!

This post was submitted by Krystal Farrell.

I guess i Thought

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This really is the last thing I’ll say to you,
You were my first love but you broke my heart in two,
You lead me on to believe your lies,
This whole time it was a game you were playing
and breaking my heart was the prize.
Do I even know you at all anymore,
Or are you just the beautiful stranger from last summer.
Seeing your name makes me feel sick,
Knowing I cant have you is seriously thick,
Did you ever really love me?
Its an answer I wont know .
You told me that you did,
Was that apart of your show?
I look at the pictures of us and want to cry
Memories come back and how happy I was
I cannot describe.
You told me you would be here forever
But then you left
I guess I thought you were different .
I just want you too hold me again and keep me warm
Because everything in my world has turned so cold
It’s just like a rough storm.

This post was submitted by saoirse.


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For I shall have fallen
Too deep to survive
Too low to ever breathe again
Too far away from love
my eyes are dark
my face hangs low
my nails are short
Am I pretty? Absolutely no.
My hands are shaky, cold and dry
My eyes are glossy, bloodshot, and open
My legs are trembling
As I walk through the halls
My breath has fallen
My cheeks are red
My …body sweats
Trying to forget what you said
There you are
With that beautiful girl
She doesn’t know how you treated me this year
But shell find out soon enough
When your hand reaches her face “CRACK!”
As tears run from her eyes
She tries to tell you funny jokes
As you stand there watching me
Trying to find a good insult
Some may be true, but most just lies
She is as beautiful as an oceans wave
With her hair held back
She is a trophy to you
Like the deer head on your wall
With the ten point rack
One day you’ll see what you had before
Before that day you showed me the door
The feelings for me will haunt you through death
Thinking of how you lost all of that.

This post was submitted by K. Jett.

It wasn’t serious, just a time pass :(

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The 1st time we talked, was on 25th December,
You were wearing a plain white dress, i still remember.
Christmas party was the occasion,
And your house in Goa was the location.

We both were bored so we went to the beach,
It is then, our friendship took another reach.
On the beach we walked hand in hand,
And it was like walking in heaven not on land.

It was our first meet, right,
And i wondered, was it love at first site.
Party was done and we were back home,
But before leaving we exchanged numbers on the phone.

When we used to meet, i use to have a chocolate box,
Bcoz i enjoyed having it with you on the Marine Line’s Rock.
Our relationship had reached to that level,
Where you was the angel and i was the devil.

It was almost 2 months that our relationship last,
Then i knew, you weren’t serious it was just a time pass.
That day i toh had a sleepless night,
Even the countdown was upto 17 lite’s.

I didn’t had anyone to speak my heart out,
Unless i talked to Rahul and Mukesh in the nightout.
Dear karishma, to be happy, i don’t need you,
Bcoz i have friends in plenty, not in few.

This post was submitted by Vikrant Viky Jadhav.


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You now you broke my heart
you laugh at my pain
you kept on and made sure i always felt it
you hated me and loved me
you said i was cute but it was all a broken lie
my heart was born broken
you knew it and you just shared it
why you didn’t care
when have you ever cared
my dreams are broken they are never finished
no one now what you really are
so you broken everything
why would you laugh at all the pain you caused.

This post was submitted by silver.

I wish we’d never met

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I wish we’d never met.
i wish we’d never been friends.
i wish we never looked deeply into each others eyes.
i wish we’d never held hands.
i wish we’d never uttered the words ‘i love you’ along with ‘i do too.’
i wish we’d never had a fight,
or stayed up on the phone each night.
i wish there was never a day where our lips touched.
i wish i’d never tasted your breath and you’d never tasted mine.
i wish i’d never wanted you until the end of time.
i wish you’d never been in my life,
so you would have never made me cry.

This post was submitted by butterfly flyaway.

Fool Me Twice

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Fool me once shame on you,
fool me twice shame on me,
u fool me twice and now i see,
that what we had can never be.

You fooled me once,
when i took u in,
the way we loved,
now that’s my sin.

I loved you then and love you now,
but now you say you love that cow,
i look your way with love so strong,
to think you loved me i was wrong.

This post was submitted by brittany martz.

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