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Fairy tale

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You once said, I was somebody you’d always wanted.
The most perfect man.
You once said, I was that guy you had hopes for.
That amazing man.
You said I was your wish, upon a star.
You said I was the one, you dreamt from afar.

But it was all a fairy-tale; you had planned out before.
It was everything make- believe, and nothing more.
Nothing is so simple; Life is so very real.
Things don’t come so easy; It was a fairy-tale.

You once said, I was your knight in shining armor.
Here to rescue you.
You once said, I was an angel from heaven.
Here to love you.
You said I was a dream, coming true.
You said I was that life, you always knew.

But it was all a fairy-tale; you had planned out before.
It was everything make- believe, and nothing more.
Nothing is so simple; Life is so very real.
Things don’t come so easy; It was a fairy-tale.

It was a fairy-tale in the making, just a dream.
Everything was a perfect picture, so it did seem.
It was all a fairy-tale. It was all make believe.
In the mind of someone so very naive.

This post was submitted by blake.

The feelings

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This is where i break.

The threads don’t hold no more.

Now i will surrender.

You are the winner of this war.

What is left behind

of all the years gone by?

Love just left our hearts.

I’m not sure when and why.

Even thought I tried,

I simply can’t recall

the feelings we both shared vanished

once and for all.

Nails down to bones

For clinging to our past.

I wouldn’t see the truth

but it found me at last.

It will not be long now,

soon we’ll fall apart.

The scares for all the pain

we’ll carry on our heart.

I must say I resent you

And you should know this well.

You choose to kill my love.

and sent it all to hell.

This post was submitted by sandra.

Another Heartbreak

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I put out my hand
and give you my heart
but you handed it back
as you tore it apart.
You said you cared
but that turned out to be a lie
Now I feel like
I want to die.
I cried and cried
hoping the pain would go away.
But it didn’t because I cried
some more the very next day.
You got the best of me,
I admit its true
but I can’t help feeling
the way that i do about you.
So I’m letting you know
that you broke my heart
but I’m picking myself back up
instead of just falling apart.
This is the end.
I don’t think i can try to be
your friend.

This post was submitted by Arabella Reynolds.


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Now i know why you ignored when you were on facebook….
You don’t love me….
Now i know why you wouldn’t answer my texts…
You don’t care….
YOU can’t even answer my call….
You hear me crying on the other end
Begging for an answer as to why this happened.
You listen to me and just delete it….
You don’t care….
No feelings…..
You say i did nothing wrong
But i had to for you to leave me…..
Maybe i didn’t love you enough…
Maybe i didn’t support you enough….
Am i to wait for you with a broken heart….
Or am i just some woman like you said…
Tell me what to do because i am lost without you.

This post was submitted by Ashley Halliburton.

My Invisible Man

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Dear Invisible Man,
I wanted you to know
All of the memories of me and you
Go to show
That’s all you are is just a memory
You became a part of the past
Disappearing, like a vanishing act

Invisible Man,
I needed you to be that guy
Who stands by my side
The lonely nights
When i started to cry

You left me feeling like someone punched me in the stomach
And I’m just standing there,
For you to hear me

Invisible Man!
Why cant you understand!
The way i feel
How my heart aches when you come near

Just let me be.
Just let me heal,
from all the pain
Now nothing will ever be the same.

The most suffering i could withstand,
What you brought upon me,
My Invisible Man.

This post was submitted by Olivia.


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When the first teardrop fell
So did my heart
It hit the floor
And shattered apart

I don’t blame you
No, not at all
You had too do what you had to
That’s all

I would’ve gone another way
Not the way you went
And wasted all of the time we spent
Laughing and hugging
No pushing or shoving

You made your choice
Stick with it
I won’t be here when you change your mind
Forget It

This is where I say goodbye
Now your free
Spread your wings….

This post was submitted by Teswin.

Let It Go

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It’s nothing more
Nothing less
I’m so cold to the core
If you can’t tell, guess
I’m trying to see the dawn
I’m missing your heart
I can’t move on
I can’t believe you tore us apart
And the love we share
Along with my kiss
You don’t even care
It’s you that I won’t miss
So good-bye
I bid you a due
You made me cry
I freaking’ hate you….

This post was submitted by Kathrine.

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