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It’s Hard

DownUp -2

It’s hard to say goodbye,
when you’ve never had to try.
I cant push out emotions,
on to the surface, i cant focus.
It’s hard to say dont go,
because our time wont slow.
time is not a friend to me
and patience will not try for me.
It’s hard to say don’t leave,
when you would never say it to me.
i have to let you go,
but i cannot let you know.
i wont hold back you dreams,
that is too selfish of me,
we cheated time by loving life,
but now we must, pay the price.
its hard to say it’s me,
that made you have to leave,
it hurts more than hurts my pride,
it clings to me and
beats on a high.

This post was submitted by layla.

The Terrible Ending

DownUp 0

You promised me things you knew you never could fulfill.
I thought I could give you my heart and you’d love it, instead you made me ill.
All I wish to ask is why?
And tell me the truth to all you lies.
I can’t take this much pain.
Do you think this is some kind of game?
You killed my soul and all within it.
If you want me back, you can just forget it
Why do we meet only to lose in the end?
Why did God give me a heart so hard to mend?
I have no answers to give….
I feel no need to live.
Why cant y’all see
A boy deprived happiness from me…
He’s on a roll
I’ve lost all control
I’ve got no more glue for lending
My heart’s too broken for that storybook ending….

This post was submitted by Kathrine.

No More

DownUp +1

You took my heart
You tore it apart
You were planning to throw a dart
Form the very start
To make me fall
Well now it’s my call
To make you crawl
& say this to you all
Say goodbye to your dictator ways
Cause I say that a new phase comes today
No more pain nor tears
Coming from this soul
That you broke down to tears
Shattered her dreams
Played her love
Who the hell you think you are?!
Making this soul suffer
making it cringe & stutter
Since it was from its own lover
Leaving it suffering…choking…
You just stare at it…
You make no movement
But a hint of a smirk is coming up.

This post was submitted by Guiselle.

Broken Wings

DownUp 0

I listen to my tears
As they hit the floor
I live with my fears
When they come to knock on my door
I fear things I shouldn’t have to
I dread things I feel
I’m scared to listen to hear you
And all the things that aren’t real
I wish you’d let me cope
Feel the hurt fly away
But I feel no hope
So I live day by day
I can’t see the light
Blinded by your soul
I can’t take flight
Because my broken wings were never made whole.

This post was submitted by Kathrine.

Heart Broken

DownUp 0

There was a woman, I dearly loved.
A day has come & now she’s gone.
Heart broken and crushed,(pause) feeling all alone.
With no more blood coursing through my veins,
wondering if I can make it, even another day.
I struggle to push on in this day to day life, feeling
like I want to take my own life.
My soul mates gone and life’s in shambles, I’m really
not sure where I’ll go from here.
With some help from God and best friend, I moved past,
the one who ripped my heart out and made me almost, not last.
I still feel like a Tin Man to this very day, cause I’m afraid
If I let someone in, I won’t survive another day.

This post was submitted by Terry (TK) .

I Cried

DownUp 0

When I was a baby, I cried.
I cried because I was hungry.
I cried because I was tired.
I cried too when I was uncomfortable.
I cried because that was what I was able to do.

When I was older I cried.
My tears were now of sadness.
My tears were now of sorrow.
My tears were now of pain.
With joy my tears came back again.

Now I am old I no longer cry.
Tears are for the young.
I have forgotten the sadness.
I have forgotten the sorrow.
I have forgotten the pain.
But the joy I felt comes back again.

I am surrounded by my memories.

This post was submitted by Diana Fredriksson.

You Promissed Me Forever !

DownUp 0

I don’t know were we stand , or what we even are . .
I don’t know what to do , were to finish or how to start ,
The time that we have spent i cherish every day ,
But what hurts me the most is that you couldn’t stay ,
You came to be my first my one and only,
Now I’m sitting in this room crying and lonely,
You Promised me forever ! you even took my heart <3 You told me you'll place it in a safe ,and you won't break it apart . It's crazy how you lie , you just sit there and lie , You broke my heart in half ,you ripped me up inside , But with each and every tear ,and each and every lie, I won't stop loving you even then i tried .

This post was submitted by Shailyn Odalys Hernandez.

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