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Four Words

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Four words come to mind
When I think of you:
Tear, fear, hope,
And love so dear.

Tonight was the night
Every dream crashed down.
A problem I caused
Rendered a frown.

For those above me,
Everything that I’ve done
Ashamed them.
Respect I have not won.

However, I may gain
Our relationship again by
Putting aside wrong.
Even so, I will try.

Love is not an emotion
Our hearts soon forget.
Very easily though,
Even love can be bent.

I love you with my whole heart,
And therefore, I will try
To right every wrong
As the morrow is nigh.

This post was submitted by Charlotte Grace Harity.

I Never Knew

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I never knew much I cared for you
Until you stopped caring for me,
I never thought how heart-breaking
The letter ’d’ could be
From ‘I love you’ to ‘I loved you’
In such a sharp, short time
But I’ll keep strong my memories
Of the glory days you were mine

I can’t make any more promises
That I’ll always be here for you
I don’t know what the future holds
Or whatever we will do
But as we both go forward
Let’s do it with a smile
I’ll never forget you my darling
For all your sweet loving and style,

This post was submitted by Simonth13.

A Foolish Heart… A Wise Mind

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A heart that beats all the time…
A mind thinks.. guess that’s the biggest crime..

A heart which feels the smell of your hair…
A mind which says ‘Hey that’s not really fair!’

A heart which waits all night for your call…
A mind which says you wouldn’t call at all…

A heart which says that I love you…
A mind says ‘May be it is not so true’

A heart loves you blindly with no eyes…
A mind can be cunning with a many surprise…

A heart would love selfless like a every day duty…
A mind would just say in words ‘Oh, What a Beauty!’

A heart melted I write on Facebook…
A mind says lets have another look…

A heart which is strong could survive all the floods and storms…
A mind as sick as it is would decay with sinful worms

A heart once lost could never be fetched…
A mind set to be narrow can never be stretched…

A heart is precious and hard to hold…
A mind has lots in it which is unsaid and untold…

The memories I carry in my heart and my mind…
A foolish heart… A wise mind!

This post was submitted by Raiton Menezes.

Always Love You

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I told you to stop,
But Maybe you could not..

I looked at you with eyes full of pain,
But maybe you could not understand the unsaid pool of rain.

I thought my silence would do the trick,
But maybe you could not break the unspoken wall of brick.

I tried to show you anger,’
But maybe you could not decipher.

My soul lays battered by the ache given by you,
And I hereby give up all the hope I had in you.

Now is the time to bid you Adieu,
But Maybe I will always love you.

This post was submitted by Garima Jain.

Broken Beauty

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We had everything we ever wanted
lying right there in our wake
Life had other plans
We watched it start to break

The sun no longer has a spark
The stars refuse to shine
The moon falls behind the clouds
Birds singing out of time

We used to lay side-by-side
Staring into each others eyes
everything felt like a dream
we gazed into the night sky

Look me in the eye and say
Why am I behind closed doors
you’re still my entire world
But I’m no longer yours.

This post was submitted by Ian Rollins.

Do you feel my pain?

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Why does it seem like
You can’t feel the pain
You’re putting me thru?
You put me thru a lot
Of pain, everyday!
It hurts

This post was submitted by Liisa Mark.


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TEARS flows so easy;
every time PROBLEMS came to me;
HATE feeling this way;
but…how it will CAST AWAY??;;
MOVES i made….
i want to REGRET;;
BECAUSE i was almost KILLED,,,
realizing things,,,, LATE..
im feeling UNCOMFY.
problems TORMENTING me..
feels like im DROWNING slowly…
WHOSE gonna save me??
now im WALKING no where;;;
looking for NOTHING..
yet still SEARCHING;;
till ROAD was OVER..

This post was submitted by SHYNETH SALARDE.

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