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Broken Memory

DownUp +39

All my dreams have
Withered and died.
For this is the truth
I can no longer hide.
I was left with nothing but
The thoughts in my head.
And the painful memories,
Of sorrow and dread.
I hear all the voices form
The mistakes that I’ve made.
All these regrets that
I have long age paid.
Pain dwells where
The eye cannot see.
A broken heart
A broken love
And a broken memory.

This post was submitted by Marissa Sauceda.

Lost Love

DownUp +11

I feel a shortness of my breath
I feel I’m falling to my death
My heart is heavy it’s beating fast
How long does this empty feeling last
It’s all my fault I hurt him badly
Now he’s leaving I say sadly
This life is short & full of pain
It seems I’m gonna go insane
What is normal who’s to say
I know that pain is the price I pay
Is it worth it to try & mend this
He’s so easily offended
I don’t know what else to do
I’m lost I’m hurt I don’t have a clue
Another loss this love is over
I need some luck like a four leaf clover
I don’t know why this happens to me
I’m to blame can’t you see
So be gone & don’t look back
I won’t be here for you to attack
I loved you more than you’ll ever know
So turn around like you said & go

This post was submitted by Tracy Brown.


DownUp +38

You asked me out, I said yes
3 hours later I found your dirty mess,
Girls, cheated on, dumped and I was next,
I wasn’t gonna be played, so not impressed,
I dumped you then I realized,
I just beat the player at his own game,

Too many girls felt weak to there knees,
I stayed strong,
I wasn’t afraid to break a nail,
I used my power and let you go,
So you could go sink.

This post was submitted by Sammi.


DownUp +47

She wore a broken smile
For just a little while.
She’d paint it on everyday
For no certain reason,
Not the color of the season,
The simple shade of gray.
The shameful walk,
Oh if walls could talk
I wonder what they’d say.
“There she goes,
No one knows
How she begged him to stay”.
But she stood there so confused
That night, broken and used
And watched him drive away.
Black rivers roll down her face
His love no one can ever replace.
A scar this deep will stay.
A river of red,
A concrete bed
Is where she will now lay.

This post was submitted by Santana Hayes.


DownUp +13

The steps became quiet
your figure faded
your taste left in my mouth
you said you loved before but not like this
I was young and in love
so stupid to get it
I can’t figure it out why you did this
maybe the girl I was then is different
changed and grown not so frisky
memories start to fade and more things I get
my heart is held together with glue and stitches
you were gone nothing was left
I wanted you back
how sad is that
I’m so through with that
cos honestly you turned out to be the best thing that left

This post was submitted by sadie.

Forgetting You

DownUp +14

Finally forgetting you, because you do not belong in my heart.
Finally forgetting you because, you can always move on to the next.
Finally forgetting you, because the love I gave to you wasn’t near enough of what you wanted from me.
Finally forgetting you, because you truly do not deserve a BEAUTIFUL soul like me.
Finally forgetting you, because I’m wasting my time here with you.
Finally forgetting you, because my tears aren’t worth the laughs you probably are sharing right now.
Finally forgetting you, because we aren’t meant to be and you have to go…
I’m sorry but Good-bye.

This post was submitted by Pearl Jazmyn.

Left with no answer

DownUp +19

You threw away what we had because you’re scared,
You refused to embrace what made you care.
You chose to leave me to be alone,
You said you loved me but now that’s all gone.

What’s the point in pretending you don’t want this,
When your kiss, said the complete opposite.
Why destruct the love we have,
How hard is that for you to understand.

Now we’re left on either side with tears,
Wishing that it would never come to this.
Wanting to hold each other so tightly in our arms,
But left with nothing but a pillow to cry on.

This post was submitted by s..

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