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Do You Remember?

DownUp +44

Do you remember when you said you loved me?
Do you remember telling me you cared?
Do you remember saying,
You will always be there?

I loved you with all I had
With everything I owned,
I just want to hear you
I want to pick up the phone.

But then I think, why?
Why am I calling you?
Is it possibly because
I have nothing better to do?

You said I was the best you ever had,
Do you still think the same?
Will you please bring me back,
Into this game?

I loved you, and I still do,
But I must try to let go.
Try not to think of
All my old hopes.

This post was submitted by Anastasia.

Like we used to

DownUp +23

I look at her and then at you.
I realize what this comes to.
You’re eyes directly avoid my stare.
My heart is broken and you don’t care.

I look at her and then at you.
I can’t accept the fact we’re through.
The very last time we hugged.
I admitted you were the first boy I ever loved.

I look at her and then at you.
You won’t ever understand the pain you put me through.
Each day I cry from memories with you.
You hurt me; something you promised you would never to do.

I look at her and then at you.
Do you do anything like we used to.
Either way I’ll never know.
Your heart is just to dark to ever show.

This post was submitted by Jenna Nicole.


DownUp +14

If you say you’ll take me back,
I’ll take you back,
if you say I love you,
I’ll be in love with you,
but I won’t interfere,
I won’t try to get my way,
because I had my chance,
and I screwed up,
I don’t expect a second chance,
but if I do get one
I promise it will be different this time around.

This post was submitted by Madison Mohr.


DownUp +63

I cant sleep my heart is shattered,
I’m going to replace everything that mattered,
There’s no one in this life to trust,
My cold metal heart is bound to rust,
Everyday is getting old,
What other problems will life unfold?
Take a deep breath of air, fill my lungs with THC,
For a couple hours my stress is free,
I ponder how to improve the situation,
10 steps forward without hesitation,
Everything makes sense, the timing was right,
A step from the past is a tough fight,
Not one tear im proud to say,
My life is just a different shade of gray.

This post was submitted by unknown.

Tear in my Soul

DownUp +15

You went off when i told you not too,
You said it was the best thing,
Yeah for you,

Once he spoke he last words
he made my tear,
worth nothing like i was nothing,
Why is it that the bestest memories
usually become nightmares…. why
you only left.
without even saying sorry,
I cry and cry…
and know i realize…
you left me with tear inside my soul..

This post was submitted by Betsy M. Guevara.

That mistake I made

DownUp +48

I was confused inside
Not knowing what I wanted out of life
I was wrong in the choice I made
Wish I could take back the hurtful things said

I should have listened to me
Not the stupid people talking
I should have known myself
Before opening the door and walking

I now I miss you more then I thought
And I know we’re still close friends
But in a way, that hurts even more
Because when I see you all I want to do is kiss you

I tried pleading to get you back
But all you said was no
You told me you need more time
But how long will that drag on?

I realize I hurt you
And you probably want other girls
But please don’t forget the one
Who still wants your heart to be hers

Though I know I messed up too bad
And I just have to accept that
I still wish you could call me “baby”
And talk to me until four in the morning

I let my pain out, though it is not fair
I brought this upon myself
And now my tears still show how much I care
Though we will never be the same

Because of me.

This post was submitted by Sydney.

You Said…

DownUp +57

You Said you would care
You Said you would be there
You Said I was your number one
You Said you’re done.

I feel like crying
I feel like dying

Why would you do that to me?
Why push me away?

You Said, “I promise.”
You Said, “I can’t do this.”
You Said, “Goodbye.”
I said, “Go die!”


This post was submitted by Amber Renee Carrales.

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