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Don’t no more

DownUp +82

Don’t lay near me – I don’t want to lay with you no more….
Don’t come near me – I don’t want you to hurt me no more….
Don’t speak to me – I have nothing left to say no more….
Don’t be with me – I don’t want to be with you no more….

This post was submitted by Narelle Turkkan.


DownUp +171

You were the key to my heart
you were the ray of light in the dark
you were everything I needed in life.

It was easy loving you
But it’s hard forgetting you
I don’t remember feeling this empty
Don’t remember you being so angry

I thought we were always going to be together
Thought we were meant to be forever
My heart has been locked once again
Locked into a box just like back then

I couldn’t breathe without you
Couldn’t move without you
Couldn’t see without you
Couldn’t fall asleep without dreaming of you

But it’s time for me to move on
I will no longer be your pawn
Because our love has died,
Just let me say,

This post was submitted by Sara.

I Wish

DownUp +51

I wish I never asked you
I wish I didn’t wait for a reply
I wish there was something that I could do
To help me not cry
I lost you as a friend
Which I wish that in time it can maybe mend
I thought you might have liked me
I thought you really did see
That there really could have bee something there
Something more than just another teen
There’s someone here to say “I love you.”

This post was submitted by Sadie.


DownUp +41

What a life I had when your on my side
Sharing happy thoughts,laughing together
And the things I can never forget
Are the happy moments we have shared
Hope you can remember
All the days that we were together

To say goodbye is the hardest thing to do
Cause our memories etched deeply in my heart
But there’s nothing I can do
Is to go even if it hurts
Yet the thought of u will never be forgotten.

Memories so sweet to remember
It lingers in my heart and in my mind
For it’s the only lasting reason
That holds you dear forever
I’ll be back,wish we could be together….

This post was submitted by Meg Donna R. Aba-a.

Our love was fake

DownUp +91

Every time I close my eyes
I’m brought back to that day
The day it all began
The day you took me away
I’ve been in a fantasy world ever since

And I never wanted to loose you
I never thought our “love” would fade

But those words they hurt so bad.
That we could never be the same
But I know now our “love” was fake

This post was submitted by Kass.

Where were you

DownUp +69

There was a time in my life when I needed you, but you weren’t there.
A time in my life when I felt as if no-one did care.
I was alone, depressed, and in desperate need of someone to love.
My life was in ruins; I’d just about had enough.

When I needed you the most of all, you were nowhere to be found.
I was chained by regrets; I was terminally bound.
Nothing in my life was as it had been before, it was different now.
Everything difficult, as I wiped my brow.

I called for you. Yet I never heard your reply.
You never came for me, I don’t understand why.
I was there for you, when you needed me.
Why can’t you do the same and set me free.

My body ached for your presence to be around my side.
But you never were, you choose to hide.
As life for me weakened, and your pride grew strong,
I realized that when I chose you, I’d been wrong.

All this time I spent thinking about you was a total waste.
I just wish I would of known before I’d sampled evil taste.
Misinterpretations of you, fully clouded my mind.
The memories I made with you, I’ll easily leave behind.

You’re just a nice body, with a pretty little face.
Nothing more, except for shame and disgrace.
I once thought that you were the one.
But how quickly dreams fade as trust comes undone.

What’s done is done. And what’s past is in the past.
Nothing can be changed now, my heart has been trashed.
There was a time I loved you so very much.
Now I cringed at your voice, and most especially your touch.

Dead, gone, past away. It’s the way things must end.
The time has come, I’ve got my bags, I’m headed into the wind.
Though we once had a spark, it never made a flame.
So I’ll be leaving you, and we will never be the same.

This post was submitted by blake.

First Kiss

DownUp +25

You were my first kiss,
You’ll always be in my heart always,
The way you kissed me..
It just thrilled me.
I just wanted to be your Miss’s,
If I was I would have had those sweet kisses,
But you chose her not me.
So now I’m writing a poem about..
How much I miss you.

This post was submitted by lexi.

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