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It’s Your Loss…I guess

DownUp +7

I told you the truth.
You told me the truth.
The truth of that I love you.
The truth of that you don’t love me.

Now I’m here all broken inside.
Now your all feeling good inside.
With me crying with my bedroom door locked.
With your hands locked with hers.

But of course your with her and not with me.
But of course I’m with nobody and not with u.
But I guess,that it is your loss.
But you guess, that its just another one of those girls…

I guess it is your loss.
I guess it’s my heart broken.
When you see me with my friends.
And when I see you with her

This post was submitted by kendan.

I will always love you

DownUp +8

My love for you was everlasting
Never to be forgotten
Till the day you broke my heart
Now all I wanna do is forget you
And my love ever existed

The worst thing is to see you happy
Without me, not even a glance back to see if im still there
You say that i should move on
My head agrees, but my heart says never let go

The hardest thing is letting you go when you’re always in my head
Then I tell myself, you don’t want me..
So why do i still want you?

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get over you
I’m not sure if I can move on
I’m not sure if I can ever love anyone else like I loved you

But one thing I’m sure about is..
I will always love you.

This post was submitted by Conner Crist.

Game of Lies

DownUp +12

You said you loved me,
You said you cared.
You said you’d be there,
Whenever I was scared.

You held me close
And whispered my name.
But then you lied,
And said it was all just a game.

You laughed at my face
And called me stupid.
Tears stung my eyes,
I hate you, Cupid…

You punched me
And I fell to my knees.
You kicked me
And I collapsed on the ground.

You spat at me
You laughed demonically
I watched you walk away
As I lay there,
Crying on the ground.

Why didn’t I see this coming?
Why didn’t I hear that voice?
How come I was so blind
To see through his Game of Lies…?

This post was submitted by Mia S..


DownUp +5

I thought I could escape it while i was with you,
Actually I did,
But then you told me you were moving,
And so now,
I am suffocating in the smothering darkness once more,
All alone,
No one there to help me through it,
No one there to encourage me onwards to the light,
No one there to make me completey happy, like I am with you.

It’s in my nature to be alone,
I never knew that until now,
I had my suspicions before,
But now I know for sure,
Because there’s always something,
Something there to keep either,
You or me away from each other,
To make sure it would all fall apart.

Whats wrong with me?
Every time I love someone,
They either don’t love me back,
Thinking of me only as a friend,
If even that,
Or as a little sister to be protected,
Or if he does love me,
Then I either can’t see him anymore,
Or he has to move, leave me behind,
Or both.

It’s smothering me in it’s deathly folds,
It’s getting harder for me to escape it,
Harder for me to smile, really smile,
Harder for me to be happy, truely happy,
Harder for me to get through each day,
Without thoughts of running away,
Or thoughts of killing myself,
Of letting myself float away with the wind.
It’s hard for me to think of staying alive,
When theres nothing to live for.,
Nothing to look forward too,

Because to me,
Everythng is Darkness.

This post was submitted by Aimee.


DownUp +6

There once was a point where everything was great,
all in order with nothing lost.
How long ago that was,
now I’ve paid the highest cost.
Loss of life, loss of pride,
I no longer have any thing to hide.
Loss of my soul,
even parts that are untold.
Loss of my heart,
like its been torn apart.
What’s left of me is unknown.
but I what I do kno is I wanna find my way
back to feeling at home.

This post was submitted by Nico Tiller.


DownUp +17

My heart is broken, I don’t sleep at night.
My heart is broken, no more holding you tight.
My heart is broken, tears run down my face
My heart is broken, feeling like I’m running in place.
My heart is broken, why cant you see
My heart is broken, there is no more of me
My heart is broken, torn in two
My heart is broken, because of you

This post was submitted by Jamie.

Broken Heart

DownUp +7

I loved you,
I trusted you,
You broke my heart
You ripped it out and held it in your hands
And now you ask for forgiveness, how can I forgive you
You held my heart in your hands and you broke it
I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive you for that
Maybe in the distant future
But for now I can’t forgive you for what you’ve done
I loved you,
I trusted you,
And all it got me was a broken heart

This post was submitted by hannah.

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