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Fragile Heart

DownUp +13

Fragile of heart, longing to weep
I stare at the abyss, needing to sleep
Tatter and torn, my heart begs to bleed
Harden by your loss, I forbid to submit.

Wondering why it came to a sudden end
I thought we were lovers,
I thought we were best friends.

The seed of doubt, secrets and questionable behavior
Did nothing to salvage what was once in favor
Questions in abundance, answers in short supply,
made for a heartfelt, gut-wrenching goodbye.

Your love still haunts me like a ghost from the past
Wondering to myself why things never seem to last?
Betrayal so deep, it scars your heart and soul…
No explanations needed… that is what I was told.

Once we were lovers, once we were friends
Once we were in love, so I thought to myself.
No longer a part of my future,
my dreams, or long-term fate.
Just a distant memory of someone
I thought was my ideal soul mate.

So be gone from my heart, my mind and my thoughts
Time is all needed to heal and move forward
No time for regrets, remorse or self pity
Life goes on no matter how dreadful we are feeling.

This post was submitted by RV.

Repost the Sign

DownUp +4

Today marks the day! A significant moment.
A mark in time burned into my soul.
For on this cloudy Spring day came the torrent of anger, distrust and revolt.

She scowled at me stating she didn’t believe
That I was in fact, as my words and my pleas.
She arched at my thoughts and she sighed a relief
As she freely dismissed me, and parted with ease.

For now, even in this quietest of moments
I can hear my heart tear and my soul slowly burn.
Still love her, do I, even in my woeful torment
Her cutting is final; to faith shall I turn.

Lord help this to pass – help me up, help me forward.
Help me put on the facade I’ve perfected.
Let me give up the love once cherished so much
And recover my heart – please protect it.

Ne’er again take a chance! Ne’er again open up!
Only hurt, pain and suffering you’ll see.
You’ve loved twice in your life – the first was cruel the second lost,
And this – the last and final – made three.

Put back up the brick wall and block out all who pass
Post your old sign once again –
“To all people – Alone please leave me!”

This post was submitted by TripleD.

A Mask

DownUp +1

Hiding behind a mask, afraid to show you the real me
You think what you see, you shall believe
What you see is not always what you get
This mask hides the feelings, the ones I reject

This mask makes me afraid to let anyone in
Trying to hide things that should not have been
Do you see the inside of me and how I felt?
Do you see my compassion without a doubt?

This mask shows my love and my care for you
Do you see all of me, or just what you want to?
Afraid you’ll judge me, mock me, so I told a lie
I lied through my mask, it’s not wrong, but it’s not right

This mask makes me believe that you’ll accept me
Not for how I feel, but based on what I say and how I deal
This card game is coming up short
Soon you’ll see all the lies that I have dealt

My mask is breaking piece by piece
Your catching on and seeing the real me
You’re not angry that I hid behind this mask
You’re angry at all the lies that I have said.

This post was submitted by Katie Tesch.

Another Heart Break

DownUp +6

I am a whisper in the wind,
A breath of sorrow,
Always having to remind,
My heart is hollow.
I still feel for you,
Deep inside,
But you were the one to rip my heart in two,
Our binding love is now untied.
I still remember holding your hand,
Looking into your shimmering eyes,
By my side you said you would always stand.
As we walked down the street,
Our hearts filled with love,
Our gaze would meet.
With hearts in our eyes,
And smiles on our faces,
Our love began to rise and rise.
But after time flew by,
We started to realize,
our love evaporated into the sky.
That day we said our final goodbyes,
Is the reason why,
I am just another girl with a broken heart with deep sadness in her eyes.

This post was submitted by Alicia.

Forgive & Forget

DownUp +16

Forgive and forget,
That’s what they say;
Turn the other cheek,
Look the other way.

The pain inside,
The fear in my mind,
Sometimes it hurts too much to even try.

I want to forgive and forget you,
But I’m not sure if that will do.
If our love was true,
I wouldn’t want to
Forgive and forget you.

This post was submitted by Rachel Marie <x3.


DownUp +5

Although our hearts are together,
I have a feeling that it’s will not be the same again.
Things change,
Characters will change too.
Just like our relationship will change…

I can live without you,
You can also live without me…
It’s the habits that bonds us together again,
Is Fate or our decisions?
A feeling that we shouldn’t be together…

There should be a better girl for you,
Not me…
I’m just a nobody, loner…
You deserve a caring and sweet girl.
Should we change our minds and return to the positions?

I wanted to give you a chance but I know,
I changes, everything changes…
Things aren’t the same…
Forgive me for not being with you at your side…

This post was submitted by miyuki.

You’re just a person

DownUp +5

I go everyday with my head held high
but when i see you i want to break
down and cry.
You’re the reason i can’t sleep at night
I put an act on my face like everything
is alright.
You see me with him
I see you with her
Everything in our past is
just a blur.
You’re just a person why can’t i see
you and me will never be….

This post was submitted by Unknown.

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