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Such a lie

DownUp +10

He made my heart fly
Seeing the world with an open eye
Regret losing any chance without try
and knowing who am I
A look from his eyes..
Made me know that I’ll never die
How could this hope dry ??
when he left without saying good bye
I’ve never thought that he has the boldness to deny
And all what we pass was such a lie.

This post was submitted by asma.

It hurts

DownUp +7

It hurts to look at you anymore,
it hurts to talk to you anymore,
it hurts but yet I do it.
I find myself looking for you,
and making excuses to come and see you.
The only thing is,
is that you don’t really care.
It hurts a lot to see that you don’t care,
maybe one day,
not any day soon it will stop hurting.
You know what they say you always remember your first true love.

This post was submitted by Krista Barr.

I still love him

DownUp +46

The first time i saw him i knew it was love at first sight,
like the whole world had stopped for just that one night,
that’s not true anymore,
my heart is tired of being sore,
If he loved me why didn’t he stay,
I woke up and he wasn’t there that one day,
I still love him and i hope he comes back,
maybe without him i can get my life on track

This post was submitted by Kayleigh Schaefer.

The End…

DownUp +3

Why do I feel pain like this,
Never ending path with the bliss,
Chasing after all the stars up above,
Trying to prove that this is love.

All my doubts are clouding overhead,
Makes my lifeless heart dread,
The meeting of the two souls,
Like a child playing with her dolls.

No promises, no lies,
But always he will deny,
Immortality bids farewell,
As this moment is lost, I can tell.

Maybe I will wait in hope,
But without you, how will I cope,
For I am addicted with lust,
Please come to me soon, you must.

Our trail has reached its limit,
And I have felt no real benefit,
For this was all a true waste,
As our time, we will never taste.

Still wishing for our time in the stars,
I’d stay with you forever, chasing by the cars …

This post was submitted by Kelly Allchin.

Next Life…

DownUp +4

Why is everything in life so deceitful and deceptive,
After all these years of falling I have no more left to give,
Waiting for these precious times and memories we were sworn,
Just makes me want my treasured life to be undone and torn,

What has happened has happened,
What will happen will happen,

Maybe I don’t want to wait this future in sighs,
For all these moments we’ve shared were lies,

Maybe in the next life,
I will have love without all this strife,
But till my time,
Ill wait in line.

This post was submitted by Kelly Allchin.

I wish I could rewind our time

DownUp +9

He once said, ‘I will never leave’,
This only a fool should believe,
This hardened promise was cracked and broken,
And we were left with arms wide open.

As the meeting never was to appear,
And all our feelings were cleared,
I wish I could rewind our time,
Then fast forward all these lines,
Maybe then my heart wouldn’t bleed,
And you my fair knight I wouldn’t need.

This post was submitted by Kelly Allchin.

Why can’t I stop loving him

DownUp +5

Why do you tell me you like me
Why do you try to care
Why do you turn your back as if I’m not there
I’m sitting right in front of you
I’m trying to let you know
I’m trying to hide my feelings, so that they don’t show

Why cant i just tell you, i don’t even know why
Why do i just sit here and try not to cry
Why do i keep myself hurting, and wishing that i could die
I’m trying to let you go, but its like you keep holding on
I’m just hoping that one day nothing will be wrong

I have it in my head
I have to let it out
I have to just tell you
I have some feelings for you
Why did you turn your head
Why didn’t you tell me about her
Why am i crying
Why does it feel like I’m dying

I wish he would have told me
I wish we could be
I wish i could stop wishing

Why couldn’t he tell me
Why did he lie
Why cant i stop loving him
Why cant i let him be
Why cant he just figure out if he loves me!!!

This post was submitted by rachel allen.

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