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You’re the rest of me

DownUp +5

You’re the one I loved,
You’re the one I need,
You were once so special to me,
Even you should know you’re the rest of me.
I’m sitting in my room consumed of thoughts of you,
I don’t know what else I can do
But I can’t get over you.
I’m thinking of the time of when we first met, ‘
I saw your face and I will never forget,
That you are, you are,
The rest of me.
When darkness turns to light,
You’d love me,
You’re the only one I’d like to see,
You take the breath right out of me,
You know that you are the rest of me.

This post was submitted by Lilly Loes.....

Drumer boy of my heart

DownUp +5

There once was a guy that seemed to play the part,
to be the drummer boy of my heart,
He seemed so nice and sweet
His big brown eyes sweep me off my feet
Never looking at him before he seemed to be the one to unlock my locked door
Silly ol’ me forgot one thing,
that the love is for the mentally insane
Day by day and night by night
All we did was argue and fight
He said that our love had grown to far apart,
but i still want him to be the drummer boy of my heart

This post was submitted by sheronda.

I only loved you

DownUp +7

I only wanted you,
But now you’re gone,
I only loved you,
Because I thought you were the one,
I guess I was wrong but life goes on,
I didn’t want to lose you but now you’re gone.

This post was submitted by Alyssa Rowe.

Give me a place in your heartland

DownUp +3

I was never so lost…
that anything i do,
I can’t stop myself thinking about you.

I gazed at you when the first time we met…
I couldn’t sleep that night till the clock in the morning struck nine,
praying-‘please God, make thou mine’.

I can’t forget the days we spent together
My eyes were on before time, i don’t know why,
now as those have passed, i only cry.

Whenever we come across
A hope rots that you’ll at least say hi,
but that’s broken in two pieces, as you pass by.

I wish
a day will come when you’ll understand,
and give me a place in your heartland.

(The question still remains unanswered…)

This post was submitted by Aman.

Its hard

DownUp +7

Life is full of emotions that you cannot control,
And emotions that cant be prevented
No matter how hard you try some how someone manages to get into your heart
The problem is not letting them in,
The problem is getting them out,

When you love someone nothing else matters,
You feel like your flying
But when they leave you,
You feel like your dying

No one can be blamed for our mistakes
Everyone has regrets and complaints
And everyone has to deal with the pain

This post was submitted by Diana.

Still Love You

DownUp +3

The love in my heart is still not gone
So i sit in my bed and wait for the dawn
I feel so empty with you out of my life
I always thought you would be my wife

Our love was young and I thought it true
But the heart that was lacking belonged to you
I haven’t forgotten the love that we had
Even though the thought of it makes me sad

I wish I could say I was doing much better
But all I do is write these letters
We have both done wrong and messed things up
But if you forgive and I will never give up.

This post was submitted by Jake Findlay.


DownUp +3

So how does it feel
When you sit there with the new girl
And I sit here with my bff
As she tells me what you did.
I know that sometimes fairy tales do not have happy endings
But this ending was just completely stupid.
If you had just not been so dumb
And gone so far to USE YOUR BRAIN
You may have looked and realized that
The one you need is not her but
My friend.
I am disgusted with you
That you would be so dumb to
Just go leave my friend for a prep
I am disgusted with you
Do you realize what you have done
And the things you did wont be undone
Cuz when you say bye to her
You say bye to life.

This post was submitted by kc.

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