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I’m sorry I loved you

DownUp +9

I’m sorry you cheated on me
I’m sorry you lied
I’m sorry you used me
I’m sorry I cried.

I’m sorry I loved you
I’m sorry I tried
I’m sorry for caring
I’m sorry you said bye.

I’m sorry I trusted you
I’m sorry I sighed
I’m sorry for living
I’m sorry for ever looking you in your eyes

None of that matters
No longer now
I wish I hadn’t tried
I wish I wasn’t yours.

A months worth of being used
A months of being lied to
It all goes to show
I’m not wasting no more tears.

Not even on you my love, my dear.

This post was submitted by aly.

Broken his heart

DownUp +8

When you thought you knew him
you let your guard down
He hurts you right on the spot
you asks for him to explain
He says he didn’t know
you said you trusted him
to do the right thing
He winds up breaking your heart
with his action that broke your heart
He said he will protect you
that his action will never harm you
but everything he did
wound up hurting you
when you didn’t expect it
You threw the ring right in his face
instead of him breaking your heart
you broke his, right on the spot

This post was submitted by aly.

It’s Over Now

DownUp +5

You know I did this for a reason?
You know I’m not stupid? Or blind?
You know I realize what I’m doing?
When I say that now is the time?

Cos this time I finally got it.
Cos this time I opened my eyes.
Cos this time I got into MY shoes.
And realized that you’re not my guy.

So you can go home and pout ALL YOU WANT!
You can cry, you can try to persuade me
But you know, I moved on! I am already gone.
Your words and your tears will not shake me.

This post was submitted by kc.

Break up

DownUp +12

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I am really in love,
Just not with you.

This post was submitted by Ella scott.

I love him not you

DownUp +6

I’m not sorry
That I broke up with you
It was better for me
It was better for you
You’ll never believe me now
Because you love me so much
But later you’ll realize
If we stayed together I would have to lie

You beg that you will change
You will do anything
And I’m sure you will
But there’s nothing that you can do
To make me love you again
Because I don’t see anything in you

You ask “Did you EVER love me”
And I say “No, I just thought I did”
You ask “What do you mean”
And I say “I only liked you a lot. If I had loved you, we would still be together”

And that’s dead truth
If I loved you we would still be together
But I only liked you
And so that is why we are apart
I know that you are dying
Or at least, you think you are
But if I am really for you, I will come back
But I know that I’m not
Cuz I’m not coming back
Cuz I love him
Not you
Deal with it
I care about him
Not you
Not you
Not you
Not you

This post was submitted by kc.

I don’t feel the same for you now

DownUp +9

I couldn’t belive i was so lucky.
Everytime i saw you i got a funny feeling
that i’ve never felt before.
I wanted to feel tht feeling 4ever.
I wanted to be with you forever.
I never wanted to loose u.
But i guess u didn’t feel the same way.

This post was submitted by margo.

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