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How do i begin

DownUp +1

How do i begin
to express to you
all the pain you put me in?

How can i get you to listen
when you have shut me
completely out of your life
pulling on my heart, SLICING with a knife

To me you were EVERYTHING
i was your biggest fan
Now you are nothing
even if i don’t believe it, i hope you can.

i’m angry, i’m sad,
i’m hurt, i’m mad
but most of all
i want back what we once had.

This post was submitted by Alicia.

Empty Promises

DownUp 0

One little word could hurt so much,
A heart can break from one gentle touch,
A single tear can explain a lot,
Little things can make you remember what you forgot.

You said, ‘I hope you understand,’
Right after we had everything planned,
What happened to ‘I was made for you’?
I was starting to think that our love was true.

Every day I sit and wonder,
When did you become a heart breaker?
You broke my heart and came back,
And expect the love we once had to go back on track.

You told me you would regret it,
Has that day come yet?
Has the pain come and torture you to no end?
How does it feel to hold it in and pretend?

You said I seemed happier after “us,”
I only did it to keep out promise.
Even if this ends badly,
We’ll never be lonely.

But I’ll never forget the way you made me feel,
My heart will slowly heal.
No more will your promises harm me,
Because I’ve learned that all your promises were EMPTY.

This post was submitted by Sara.

Sad Rainbow

DownUp 0

I look out the window,
It’s raining outside.
Only will the sun come out
When you’re by my side.
As the rainbow comes out,
Little children go out to play,
The puddles diminish,
But the rainbow stays.
Day and Night,
In and Out,
Across the sky,
There is was.
Bravery and fright,
A smile and a pout,
You and I,
We needed no “because”.
And that one terrible night,
You and me had a fight,
And the next day, It rained again,
The rainbow, nowhere in sight.

This post was submitted by Anna.

The crack in my heart

DownUp +3

When I look at you
I always feel this passion
but I remember the pain

The tears you caused
The crack in my heart
The memories keeps on flashing

You finally made me smart
I know what I want
But I can’t seem to find it

Will it get better
My broken soul
Will I get up
From this mistake
Will get up
From this fall

Cause for you Id give my all
But then you go and break me
For so long
You were faking IT
I don’t know how much more
I can take in

It all just happened so fast
My life just came crashing

But still
when I look at you I always feel this passion.

This post was submitted by Cindy-lee.

Losing faith in myself

DownUp 0

I keep losing faith in myself
I cant face this world alone
When I look back at times
I will find what Ive been working for

And I can’t sleep
I can’t breath
I can’t see myself facing another day
What have I done wrong

When these tears keep chasing me
When I forget
Who I used to be
Its REALITY!!!!!!

This post was submitted by Cindy-lee.

What am I to Do

DownUp +2

My heart will forever be broken
From these few simple words that she has spoken
What once was, is no more
And hurt so bad that I can’t pick myself up off the floor

For I always thought that this would always be
And that she would spend the rest of her life with me
But that just doesn’t seem to be the case
And it’s pretty apparent by the tears rolling down my face

Losing her has been my greatest fear
And I’m not sure where I’ll go from here
It hurts from so deep within
And I think to myself why did I let this happen again

I just wish that there was something that I could do
To get her back and end all this suffering too
It feels as if the day has become the night
And I’m just too damn tired to fight

All I ever wanted and all I ever needed was her
But now everything has passed in a blur
I keep thinking what could have I done
To show her that I am the only one

Some many times I have knelt down to pray
Hoping and wishing that it wouldn’t come to this day
It might take some time to patch me up inside
But for now I’ll just runaway and hide.

This post was submitted by Kevin Barker.


DownUp 0

Why it has to be me
You can’t see that you hurt me
No matter what I do never enough for you
You made my heart really died

You made me believe that am for you
You made me want you
But your showing me a different you
You had made me trust you

Pain I feel kill’s me
Can’t you just go
Let me be alone that I want to be
For you no longer for me

You charmed me and let me cry
I never though it will be
Sad thing’s you had said
Please just leave me and let my feelings die too

Sorry if I had loved you so
I have been so blind, I never saw the real you
I made mistakes, yes i admit
Mistakes of loving you coz you never been true.

This post was submitted by ChIlI.

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