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DownUp +16

Mummy mummy,
Please don’t get mad,
I know what i did will make you so sad,
I went to the water even though you said “No”,
The water was fast i tried not to let go,
I was swept under the water,
I needed a breath,
Then daddy was crying and pumping my chest,
I’m sorry daddy i know you tried,
I love you mummy, Love you forever
Goodbye for now, But not Forever…

This post was submitted by Anonymous.

Boy of mine

DownUp +18

He came to me a miracle
This little boy of mine
Bless me with a boy, I prayed
I knew he’d come in time

But as I carried this child
From month one, through to nine
Something didn’t feel right
And it played on my mind

Physically I’m feeling fine
Emotions not so nice
Maternal instinct spoke to me
My son would come at a price

Overdue with complications
A cesarean was performed
It’s true, I got my boy
At the time, he seemed the ‘norm’

Six months, he cannot speak
Twelve months, he cannot walk
Is this the price I am to pay
In shock, I cannot talk

From one test to another
In hospital every month
Trying to find some answers
And peace of mind for once

Someone please just tell me
What’s wrong with my boy
Give me the diagnosis
Or do I jump for joy

After much research and testing
It’s down to family history
And thanks to my dear father
It’s no longer a mystery

So my son’s disability
Was passed down through the genes
It’s good to finally breathe again
And know what all this means

Hannah-Allan-Herndon syndrome
That’s the name they’ve used
Because it’s in our history
No more am I confused

We can now move on with life
Take one day at a time
Being grateful for a miracle
This little boy of mine.

This post was submitted by Jennine(Delilah).

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