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The Key to Heaven

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If the key to heaven is love,
then we know that Mary is there.
She was one who was never above
taking the time to share.

And if the key is faith,
in our mourning we are assured
in knowing that her fate
has surely reflected that reward.

If in authenticity the key be found,
heaven is celebrating
for now on their holy ground
is another angel in waiting.

But if the key be inspiration,
we are encouraged still,
Mary gave us all motivation
to climb up any hill.

And if happiness is the key,
we likewise have nothing to fear
The gates were opened wide
the day she went from here.

The key could very well be
found in loyalty –
and if that be the case
then she has unlocked the gates.

The golden key to heaven
to us may never be revealed,
but Mary has surely given
the model we should appeal.

This post was submitted by Candice Miller.

How can I thank you God for helping me?

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Thank you God for helping me.
For hearing when we pray.
For making me clean inside so I am like my Father.
Thank you when you see my shame you don’t turn away.
Thank you for your Son that started our relationship.
Thank you for the leaders with hearts full of LOVE and help.
Thanks you for my husband I could never live without.
Thank you for the Holy Spirit .
Thank you for the piece of you in me that hell can not touch.
Thank you for the children I see and can give love
and hope to because of your help to me.
Thank you for choosing me Lord
it is still amazing you chose me for your kingdom daughter.
Thank you Abba Father for helping me
have life and life abundantly.
A hug A kiss Another Thank You Praise
You Praise the NAME of JESUS.

This post was submitted by Jean B..

An Iron

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A piece of rock, with me I hold
Burn it on flame, when melts, I will mold
To see what it looks like when the melted rock becomes cold
Could it be a bronze, silver, or gold?

With my empty stomach, I feel no hunger
Heart, sweat, a life to offer
Time, effort, all my best I will give
So at the end I may have a good life to live.

This final step of roasting, an iron is reveal
In my eyes you can see what my heart can’t conceal
I can’t help but cry, nothing I can do but sigh
I shouldn’t built expectations as high as the sky.

To be a poor, maybe that is what life want me to be
Or just destined for life to be an ordinary
Yes, in my pocket i have no any
But to tell you honestly…
…I am blessed by the Holy
…because Jesus is with me!!

This post was submitted by Juenessee Dona.

The Way, the Truth, and Life

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Quick to accuse Him of rugged blasphemy
They never opened their hearts therefore to see
That the Man with knowledge everlasting
Could lead us away from death by contrasting
His life as the gift for salvation eternally.

They plotted to take His earthly life at time
Appointed upon Garden’s witness in decline
Of man and proposed to destroy His Name
From lips of all believers who proclaim
That Jesus, Son of God, is divine.

He called Himself Messiah per prophecies told
By Isaiah and then John crying earnestly bold.
His death and resurrection gave this world a course
of Truth told by witnesses known by history resource
That whosoever will may escape the reaper’s hold.

Christians choose by heart, never by force of sword
To follow under grace a lighted narrow path toward
Unity unto the Father amidst chaos
In awe that Jesus suffered for us upon a cross.
The Way, the Truth, and Life: Jesus, our Lord.

This post was submitted by Kara L. Kraemer.

My Jesus

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The sight that I see, is beyond no compare,
When I lifted my eyes, I saw one man
This one man looked at me as if he knew me
But I did not know him
Un till he stepped in front of the Sun
This one man said to me with Fatherly pride
“Well done my Son, you have made me proud.”
When the first word was out of his mouth
I knew who this man was
This man was my Jesus,
when my Jesus was finished speaking he hugged me
During this embrace
I realized why my Jesus let people have a choice,
I realized why my Jesus had to die, and
I realized why I had to die;
during that embrace was the last time I cried.
When my Jesus was finished embracing me, he said to me
“Go now and see all that has been waiting for you!”
While he was speaking the Gates of Heaven opened up in front of me……..

This post was submitted by Kaitlin Pendleton.


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This Christmas wish comes to you,
With love and laughter from us two.
We hope your day is full of cheer,
And that it will last throughout the year.

Christmas is a time to over drink & eat,
Stop if you can no longer see your feet.
Our love is sent to you every day,
The miles will not keep it at bay.

We hope you like our poem to you,
And it will cheer you the whole year through!!

This post was submitted by Kim.

Don’t be angry

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Don’t be angry remember me well
I have gone from this earth
In a new house I dwell
Where there’s no more suffering
And no more pain
My new house is God’s house
Its here we will meet again.

This post was submitted by Jean Charles Laws.

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